Technically or fundamentally why bitcoins fail down

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Hello steemit,

As i say in this blogs Blogs # 1 daily analysis series
bitcoin price down exact not fundamentally not technical chart only things which we will not seen generally i helped you to see this and understand this.
so come to the point now bitcoin is regularly falling down and currently at $6623 it s fail down to $20000
this photo is taken from google but see bitcoin falling down so now we will see in youtube, dtube, dlive blog website steemians say that at this point it start gain buy it now and we will give upvotes and so many appreciation but forget it The real issue in the market being flooded with people in it to make a quick buck is that the potentially revolutionary technology can be pushed bubble technology towards . It is not the product that is prone to being in a bubble. It is the way in which it is used or perceived that leads to bubbles being formed and popped.
but 1 another things we should need to remember what priced is should be cleaned the previous 18 to 20 month ok who know this is correction in bitcoin i know this is not technically or fundamentally but think about price should only clear previous some months money there is 1 another reason we should be noted down when all over world see the bitcoin gains they start making robot indicator and many what happen after people start manipulates their price of cryptocurrency and also we see the effect of bitcoin.

in two ways good or bad so first start with good things

good things is that after bitcoin bubble there are many other currency come in market some of these gais high level of $50 $100 or many more lots of people become rich

with the help of these cryptocurrency lots of also steemians earn good money as we one of the result after bitcoin is steemit it is example of legit coin example but some of scamed after that.
now bad point is that

bad point of falling bitcoin is other lots of coin going to became zero ead Coins lists around 800 that are effectively worth nothing, while Coinopsy puts the tally at more than 1,000. Fewer than 4 per cent of coins with market caps from US$50 million to US$100 million were successful or promising, according to a March analysis from ICO advisory firm Satis Group.Bitcoin may not go to zero, but it’s “very much” a bubble, Robert Shiller, the Nobel laureate economist whose warnings about dot-com mania proved prescient, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Tom Keene on Tuesday. Last year’s Bitcoin surge was “not a rational response,” he said.
now 1 another point is in the previous month we see lots of people bitcoin is bubble not investment instrument
one off biggest name is paypal ceo say it is scam now effect of that some illiterate people which not understand blockchain technology and crypto

they only purchase bitcoin for gain profit or speculating after their target achieved they sold their coins in huge

the result is that but one thing i should remind you that it is not crash if we said in up gain case that it is bubble all big investor high profile people say it is bubble why should they not say at this time this is downside bubble not they don

not say this because they if they say price gone continuously up but some of people that know cryptocoin they say that it is bubble never mind it personally.
i don't want to hurt anyone but the fact is it .

now i am happy to see this don't angry on me i am happy because bitcoin price down clear all scam to zero which is quite happy at the time ok 1 another reason the price down is volatile nature of coin it s down after some time it start gain not and i think that where this down fall should start i am not predicated this it is only my imagination at around $2500 to $1000 which is good correction and i am going to buy bitcoin at this level if the coin is touched at this level plz this is education purpose don't be panic as i say this is my imagination.

so now another reason is legalisation in bigger country like india where i live central bank ban the transaction with bank startups are file case at court i believe it should be start in near future

Note this is only my opinion i am sorry if i hurt you really sorry


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