Announcement of the launch of IEO Twogap on Bitforex ( Round 2)


Dear Valued Customers,

The Twogap Team would love to say thank you for all of your interest and engagement with our IEO campaign.
We are very pleased to announce that the first round of IEO on Bitforex was a significant success, with 3 billion dollars’ worth of TGT tokens sold out within hours of the official launch.

Regarding the lower amount for the IEO campaign referenced in our earlier press releases, it was to ensure a low amount for token-selling that could be gently controlled after the listing on the exchanges.

For this reason, we decided to adjust the total supply of TGT for sale on Bitforex in the second round from 5 billion TGT to 1 billion TGT. The remaining 4 billion TGT will be for sale on Liquid, a top-three real-time trading exchange with a large number of corporate accounts. Prospective accounts that choose to buy TGT will put the token on hold in the long-term in order to develop the value of TGT in multiple markets.

photo_2019-05-27 17.49.43.jpeg
Second Round : 2019/05/29 21:00–2019/06/05 21:00 (GMT+8)

The one billion dollars’ worth of TGT in the second round on Bitforex will be sold at the price of $0.0002. This moderate pricing will allow our customers to reap benefits, as the listed price of IEO on Liquid will be higher.
Dividing the token supply and listings will also benefit those who buy through Liquid, as they will receive more support services. Corporate accounts that buy in bulk will also receive special support offers.

Lastly, please note that TGT token will be listed not only on Bitforex KYC and Liquid, but also will appear on other exchanges, one by one, after the end of our IEO campaign.

Best regards,

Twogap Team

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