IEO-Trend 2019



Many crypto exchanges have begun jumping into the IEO. One of the first players is Binance, which debuted Binance Launchpad dedicated to IEO from 2017, selling 2 projects, but really attracted attention from the beginning of the year with the BitTorrent project — acquired by TRON — initiated the sale of tokens on the Binance Launchpad and 7.2 million dollars in less than 15 minutes, reaching the hardcap of Crowdsale.

IEO is becoming the 1 trending of crypto investors in the present time, the simplest reason for the IEO projects after being listed on the floor, the price will increase very strongly. This is also nothing strange, as it is the same as the ordinary ICO coins that were previously listed on the floor will rise sharply, especially when they are large decks such as Binance, and Huobi. Furthermore, usually the number of buyers being IEO coins is very low, only about 1/10 compared with the globe. And of course, after a strong increase, it is time for the small group to buy the coin, making the strong dump shortly afterwards. As such, the IEO "investment" was usually very fast, only within 1-2 days after the IEO was completed.

A large number of cryptocurrency startups have been established in the past year. In 2018, 3804 the ICO was launched about 11.6 billion USD. This number grew to 15% compared with the year 2017. However not all projects bring income to their investors: according to ICObench, 66.2% of the project has completed the fundraising rounds and only 40.2% of them generate profits. That shows only 1012 (26.6%) Of the 3804 ICO successful.

Features of IEO:

  • The IEO can take advantage of the user data available on the floor to mobilize funds for them.
  • The scam is difficult, the IEO must be carefully appraised through the floor before being opened for sale. Therefore, investors will not worry about seeing DC IEO scam as ever happened with the scam ICO.
  • When IEO is open for sale, after the opening day of 2-3 days, the floor will always be, investors are not long awaited opportunity to discharge profit.

At the end of this month, Twogap will IEO 1 in the exchange with a stable trading volume and the best on the current Coinmarketcap – the pioneer with the ambition to connect traditional markets and crypto markets.

Twogap (TGT) is positioned to be the next generation of Crypto with Cryptobond platform. In the present time, Cryptobonds with a scale of over 100 billion USD, is rated as the largest product that is sufficiently potential to rescue and open up opportunities for investors who are embarks on the cryptocurrency market. When the investors who have lost their faith in the Crypto market are not guaranteed, Crypto Bonds will actually bring reliable values so that investors can put their trust.

TWOGAP has had a market vision for providing a scalable liquidity technology solution, becoming the pioneer of Cryptobonds's next invasion, Cryptostocks, and Cryptogoods entering the Crypto Market.

Please wait for our announcement.

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