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It’s time for Twogap to promote the development of crypto, breaking medium-sized traps. Escaping from the circle of $100 billion.

As the turning point, Twogap’s plans still go on schedule. That is cryptobonds. When the Word Bank, the Austrian government in turn released bonds and all matched orders extremely fast. 300 years ago, Bond had once rescued the market from deep down. But now, it will be the period of Crytobonds, which will be provided by Twogap in order to service the bond.

Have you ever thought of buying shares of Apple, Amazon, …? However, Twogap will help you with Cross exchange technology.

Twogap with its Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure is merging two markets of Finance, Traditional Securities and money, asset coding, freeing Crypto Market from small-scale traps and forming the connected system between the Securities Exchanges and Crypto exchanges which intelligently satisfy all Compliance, Practice and KYC, AML, anti-hacking, thread tracking mechanisms, and speed, Incentive Mechanism to stream flowing the liquid into Crypto Market on the principle that liquid flows from high pressure to low pressure. From now on, there will not be any Exchange operating outside the global interlocking system, like any Commercial Bank or Central Bank can exist outside the system except Contact Global Banking.

Characteristics, benefits and the foundation of cross exchange.

Twogap’s cross-exchanges protocol platform; specifically, the listing, trading, KYC, cross-platform AML, inter-floor AML protocol, this is the copyrighted technology of Twogap in terms of building the Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure for the Global Trading floor Alliance, which is a network of approximately $200 trillion in a traditional stock market with a small emerging market of cryptocurrency, just over 100 billion dollars. This is the plan for Top Down to declare the source of goods, money, the official portfolio of Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks, Cryptogoods with the abundant capital of large institutional investors, traders stocking goods. In detail, try to free it from the medium-sized trap (not exceeding 100 billion dollars) has lasted for 2018 to the first quarter of 2019.

Since Twogap’s rescue, Crypto Market will enter a new phase of history, strongly and sustainably growing to thousands of billion dollars, commensurate with its potential.

There will be an official announcement about Twogap Cross-Exchanges Wallet. So stay tuned!

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