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9개월 전

Dear our valued Community,

Thanks to all the support and encouragement from the Community, Twogap has overcome the challenging journey to take the sustainable step forward. We believe that valuable support could be increased day by day and spread further with all effort made by Twogap Team and Community, for a wider and bigger community.

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For the last few days, Twogap has published the Pitch Deck with English and Vietnamese versions. This Deck was composed as a pitching document for investors, as well as a visual official document for Community to spread out the core values of Twogap. The main content of Pitch Deck includes:

  • The challenge
  • Twogap solution
  • Our products
  • Business models and competitive advantage
  • Roadmap

Twogap innovative technology solutions:

Cross-Exchanges Protocols, including:

  • Breakthrough featured: Intelligence Compliance Mechanism Protocol.
  • Serial following features tương ứng với Serial Cross-Exchanges Interactive inside Cross-Exchanges Protocols.
  1. Tokenize Platform.
    Twogap products:

  2. Back-Bond Products: Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.

  3. Supporting Products: all operated on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain to create services ecosystem for Exchanges, Exchanges Related Third Party Services, Securities Token Issuers, Underwriters, Relayers, Developers và Traders, Investors, Government.

  • Twogap Tokenize Platform.
  • Twogap Cross-Exchanges Wallet.
  • Twogap Algorithms Store.

Services Supply based on technology solutions/products:

BaaS (Blockchain as a Services): providing cross-exchanges multi interaction by Cross-Exchanges Protocols inside Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain following BaaS model.
Interactive flows:

  • Securities Exchanges — Crypto Exchanges.
  • Securities Exchanges — Securities Exchanges.
  • Crypto Exchanges — Crypto Exchanges.
  1. Securities Tokenize Services by Twogap Tokenize Platform.

  2. Exchanges services + Wallet Services (2 in 1) by Twogap Cross-Exchanges Wallet.

  3. Marketplace Services for Exchanges Related Third Party Services by Twogap Algorithms Store.

We believe this Pitch Deck could represent all core values of Twogap to everyone. We also welcome all contributions, opinions, and feedback from the Community to improve and enrich the Pitch Deck in the future releases.

Pitch Deck:
Tiếng Việt:

Thank you.

Twogap Team.
For more information, please visit our sites at
And don’t forget to reach the news on and send us your questions on

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