Why your exchange need to hold TGT (Twogap token) to use Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain? ( BAAS model — Blockchain as a services)

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  • Do you (Exchanges) need more Liquidity? You can do that by use Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • Do you need more mainstream trading products options (securities token — tokenbonds, tokenstocks, tokencontracts of Commodities) for your traders although you don’t have securities licences ? You can do that by Intelligence Compliance Mechanism inside Cross-Exchanges Protocols ( one of two main module of Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain)
  • Do you want to help your Partners issue/Sell Securities token? You can do that by use Tokenize Platform and others Securities/Crypto Exchanges on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • Do you want to expand market rapidly? You can do that by cloning your exchange so requirements your serial dealers. - - They (your dealers) own cloning exchange ( same data servers with parents exchange) and only raise marketing/sale activity to acquire traders for cloning exchange for them so for you. So your market will be expanded rapidly and low cost ( every marketing/sale cost handle by your dealers)
  • Do you want be updated realtime Swing Market Data (Securities Market & Crypto Market) to serve your traders by advanced way? You can do thay by use data services on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • Do you want to supply more intelligent TradeBot tools for your traders? You can do that by use Algorithms Stores on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • When you will be hacked, do you want to investigate data flow of your cryptocurrency? You can do that if they store and sell it on others exchanges, you can know immidiately (if you and others exchanges run on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain) — So stand beside others exchanges on same Infrastructure is better than stand alone.
  • Do you want to supply to potential traders one time KYC/AML by easier, save time way and adapted for every Securities/Crypto Exchanges, for every local market? You can do that by use KYC/AML services on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • Do you want to process over volume oders realtime? You can do that by share your oders with others exchanges on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • Do you want to contribute to trigger total Liquidity volume and marketcap of Crypto Market growth up rapidly and sustainable ? You can do that by become customer of Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain, so also become members of GCEA — Global Cross-Exchanges Alliance, so mutually supporting each other.

Why you can do all of your needed by use Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain ? Following these steps please.

What is Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain ?
Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain was built to connect the systems of Securities Exchanges and Crypto Exchanges to handle a variety of Cross-Exchanges Interactive to attract mainstream liquidity (Mainstream capitals, mainstream investment — Securities Token ) from the Securities Market landed on the revival of Crypto Market. A series of catering services for Exchanges will also use this infrastructure system.

Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain = Cross-Exchanges Protocols + Cosmos Opensoures.


What is Cross-Exchanges Protocols?

The Cross-Exchanges Protocols is a combination of Twogap’s patents ( Intelligence Compliance is main mechanism of cross-Exchanges Protocols, we applying on Uspto now) technology solutions to handle Multi Cross-Exchanges interactions on Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.

  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Intelligent compliance mechanism.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Tokenize Platform Services.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Cross-Exchanges Wallet Services.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Algorithms Stores Services.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Securities/utility token Listing.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Bid-Ask Matching Engine.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Sharing Matching Engine
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Searching + Matching Engine
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Clearing Services.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Payments Services.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Crypto-Fiat exchange Matching Engine.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Crypto — Multi Crypto — Fiat Matching Engine.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for KYC / AML Services.
    Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Data Tracking Services.
  • Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Exchanges Cloning Services.


What is Intelligence Compliance Mechanism?

Intelligent Compliance is main mechanism of Cross-Exchanges Protocols. Details below:
Apple stocks listed on NYSE exchange ( Securities Exchanges). Liquid exchange (Crypto Exchanges) have’n got licensed to list Apple stocks. But when both of two Exchanges run on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastruture Chain, Apple stocks will be Tokenized first time on NYSE exchange, then Apple token (F1- Original) will be Tokenized second time by Twogap Tokenize Platform run on Cross-Exchanges Infrastruture Chain, then Token of Apple token (F2) will be listing on Liquid Exchange by Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Listing. Once Traders of Liquid oder to buy Token of Apple token (F2), Smartcontract of Cross-Exchanges Protocols will navigate order matching to seller on NYSE Exchange. Then Smartcontract navigate Apple Token (F1) from Seller account on NYSE exchange transfer to Liquid Buyer traders account, Cryptocurrency from Liquid’s Buyer Traders Account transfer to Seller account of NYSE Exchange.
( Note : Liquid Traders have suitable KYC/AML with NYSE on Cross-Exchanges Infrastruture Chain). NYSE Exchange & Liquid Exchange & Traders does not break Compliance, they follow Compliance completely because Liquid does not conduct transactions. Liquid list Token of Apple Token (F2) likely post Apple Token banner ads on website. We call this mechanism is Intelligence Compliance. This mechanism inside Cross-Exchanges Protocols. When Cross-Exchanges Protocols for Intelligence Compliance will be implemented on Cross-Exchanges Infrastruture Chain, ít will help Securities Exchange & Crypto Exchanges expand strongest Liquidity but also guarantee Compliance completely. After Intelligence Compliance breakthrough, serial of Cross-Exchanges functions follow to benefit for Exchanges and its traders. So Total Coinmarketcap will increase strongly & sustainability because total Liquidity increase strongly & sustainability ( Liquidity including: Mainstream Capitals + Mainstream Investment products — Securities token )

Step4 :

What is Cosmos Open Source?

  • Cosmos Open Source is open source, core technology of Cosmos Blockchain 3.0 POS (Proof of Stakes).
  • Transactions speed on today’s fastest chain, almost instantly.
  • Tens of thousands of TPS
  • Ability to communicate with different types of Blockchain (Multi Blockchain Interactive)
  • Atom is the native token of the Cosmos Blockchain system. Atom has grown in value moẻ than 30 times since Cosmos ICO in March 2017 (ICO collected 15 Million Usd = BNB’s ICO)
  • Development time, from Tendermint to Cosmos: 5 years to launch mainnet in March 2019 Nearly a dozen projects developers teams began to use the Cosmos SDK.
  • Binance Chain building based on customized Cosmos Open Source. BNB will be converted from Ethereum to Binance Chain. BNB also has a growth rate of 100 times since ICO in July 2017.


Why you need to hold TGT Token to use Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain ?

  • TGT Token is a fuel, a means to implement Incentive Mechanisms — TGT Token is reserved with 33% of the total in-system to reward for Liquidity Pool Node (As Exchanges) to attract Nodes to participate in operating system to push all type of transactions/Services on Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
  • TGT Token is used to pay every type of fee on systems that generate attractive circulatory systems that promote the system along with ecosystem to grow up rapidly and sustainable.

So now you know why you need to hold TGT to use Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.

One more thing about — why you need to hold TGT asap ?

So we have Hotest Offering for you (one of first 10 Early Securities/Crypto Exchanges Customers).

Twogap will list TGT on your Exchange after IEO on Bitforex and Liquid.

We would like you become Early Customers customers of Twogap.

One year Subscriptions fee amounts = Listing fee amounts ( base on your offering)

Please let me know your amounts of listing fee. We will pay you by BTC/ETH or USD — up to you.

But you need to pay me by TGT. You can buy it now or buy on Bitforex or Liquid when TGT first time listing. You consider to make a decision asap, because simply total amounts of TGT at the moment you and me have Agreement, then times go on so value of TGT will be fluctual.

This Endowed Program only for first 10 Early Exchanges Customers of Twogap Cross-Exchanges Infrastructure Chain.
(BAAS — Blockchain as a services). This is mean that you (your Exchange) also become Early Members of GCEA — Global Cross-Exchanges Alliance. You and me, we are trigger total Liquidity and Marketcap of Crypto Market growth up rapidly and sustainable ( from now growth up motivation not only base on Bitcoin. It will base on GCEA)

Thank you for studying and considering.

Documents enclosed for your studying.

White Paper V2.5

One Pager V2.5

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