Best Hashflare Pool settings for 01-25-2018

5년 전

Hey guys its me again.
Today ill give you a short update about the cloud mining via
So you can earn the maximum profit from your contracts.

First of all the Bitcoin Price now:

The different pools:

The Bitcoin difficulty today

Bitcoin Difficulty: 1,590,896,927,258
Estimated Next Difficulty: 1,328,621,131,354 (-16.49%)
Adjust time: After 1189 Blocks, About 11.3 days
Hashrate(?): 8,481,426,187 GH/s
Block Generation Time(?):
1 block: 13.7 minutes
3 blocks: 41.0 minutes
6 blocks: 1.4 hours

Now we come about the optimal setup for Hashflare to earn maximum amount of your contracts.

Revenue per 1 TH/s, SHA-256

So today i really recommend this pool setting for SHA-256

You can earn the maximum out of this and its still better to go 60/40 on Antpool/F2Pool!!!

History of revenue per 1 TH/s, SHA-256

History of maintenance fee on Hashflare, SHA-256

Maintenace fee today is : 23.5% !

Hope it helps you and you all got more profits out of your contracts. If any suggestions or tips for changes. please let me know.

If you are not into Hashflare right now and you think about to start with it, you can use my refferer link.
I really appreciate this

If you didn`t want to use it its no problem and you can go straight to

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Let the poolsetting like they are above!