Bitcoin Books: “Bitcoin and the Future of Money”

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There is enough curiosity surrounding Bitcoin to generate at least a micro-niche in the publishing industry. And now, another book aimed at newbies is hitting the shelves. Released this week, “Bitcoin and the Future of Money”(Triumph Books) explores “the inner workings” of Bitcoin and explains where it originated, how it works and what it means for the future of currency.

Written by Jose Pagliery, a technology writer for CNNMoney, the book attempts to put Bitcoin in context, explaining “how something you cannot feel or touch could have the power to transform how we interact, do business, pay bills and get paid.”

In a promotional release, Bitcoin is described in glowing terms: “Its ability to be traded internationally without fees, oversight by banks or government-backed securities makes it obvious that the freedom offered by Bitcoin comes with many benefits.”

“Bitcoin and the Future of Money”also explores the risks associated with money that’s entirely independent of established, trusted institutions. The book gives a behind the scenes look into Bitcoin, including:

Its mysterious and humble origin
How $400 billion dollars could disappear overnight
How and why its value has fluctuated widely since its inception
The political and economic impact of a digital and global currency
Pagliery has covered the growth of Bitcoin, penning dozens of articles on the digital currency. He has written for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Daily Business Review, and the Miami Herald. He lives in New York City

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