Update on Bitcoin dominance



Hi guys, today I will focus on BTC dominance that is looking for a breakout.... ๐Ÿ‘†

Yes, BTC dominance chart is forming sort of bull flag and getting super stable around this 70% region.

We can expect a breakout within 1 week of time.

Alert: whatever ALT you are trading or holding, don't hold'em for longer time for bigger profits, whenever you are in profit in a position, secure that profit always, nowadays it's not for hodlers market where you see a news coming up next week or next month and you hold that coin... No a Big No to that hodl, taking profits is a good idea whatever it is 4% 6% or max 10% should be your goal at this current market type.......

Hope you understood.

If this BTC dominance goes for a breakout then 73 - 75% is what I see next...

Congrats if you have made profits in this last 3-4 days alts bull market.

I also shared this article on TRYBE

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mi auguro che il bit coin torni a decollare

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questione di tempo...