Bitcoin Meister to the Moon on The 1 Bitcoin Show

3년 전

Adam Meister rocks the latest Bitcoin to the Moon t-shirt design on his 1 Bitcoin Show.

If there was an Airbnb on the Moon, you could guarantee that the Bitcoin Meister would spend a week or two there, broadcasting daily episodes of The 1 Bitcoin Show. On today's episode we got the next best thing, with Adam Meister strutting his stuff in the latest design Bitcoin to the Moon t-shirt. If you want one, you can get it here.

As always, Adam presented unique Bitcoin news and information with enthusiasm and conviction. He had some great marketing advice for friendly forks of Bitcoin, including BGold, BPrivate and BRhodium. On a personal note, Adam shared some possible ways that he may bless his parents in 2021 and 2028, using some of the fruits of his Bitcoin savings account. Check out the episode for yourself below.

Adam makes a new show every day on his Bitcoin Meister Channel, including the legendary, 'This Week in Bitcoin' show that he hosts each Friday. So subscribe to his channel and 'Pound that like button' for the Bitcoin Meister.

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