Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

3년 전

Journeyman Pictures recently published​ the full length version of the 2016 documentary, Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution, on YouTube. Prior to this, only the preview was available free of charge.

It runs for just under an hour and features prominent members of the Bitcoin space, including Tone Vays, Trace Mayer, Roger Ver and Jeff Berwick. The inclusion of the latter two has drawn some criticism, as both are now better known as promoters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rather that Bitcoin (BTC). That being said, it must be remembered that this documentary was produced prior to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, at a time when Ver and Berwick were still strong advocates of Bitcoin.

While much has changed in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since the making of this film, I believe that it is still informative, interesting and worth watching. I hope that you receive enjoyment and value from viewing it too.

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