Can Bitcoin stay above the 200 week moving average?

2년 전

200 week ma.jpg

I saw people mentioning that Bitcoin hasn't closed below the 200 week moving average in other bear markets. I couldn't find a decent chart, so I made my own, using a logarithmic scale. Then yesterday, there was a bounce off the 200 week moving average. This is actually a 1400 day moving average, I'll have to work on a weekly chart but it gives an idea of where the line is. I also need more data, as I don't have enough to see what happened in the last bear market.

I hope there isn't a close below the 200 week moving average, as this bear market is getting boring. There could be a large move through this line but then hopefully it will reverse within the week and close above it. If there is a weekly close below it, this bear market could still have a long way to go. This isn't trading advice, just my observations.

Edit, found a good chart to keep an eye on this

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