Will Bitcoin go sub $3k or are we due a rebound?

2년 전

BTC today.jpg

The chart isn't looking good to me, possible bear flag, a continuation pattern. With the price so near $3k and a big support area down there, will it get there soon? The fall was so quick, there could be a sharp rebound at some point.

I'm just observing, this market is too volatile for me now. I'm a long term bull but I don't like trying to catch this falling knife.

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Possibly but trying to guess the bottom is hard. Funny how most people have gone from thinking the lows were in months ago to expecting much lower now

I don't think it will go sub 3200$, based on 2014.


That's interesting. I think it almost has to go under $3000, as that's where the next major support level is. We might find out very soon :)


Yep.. maybe sometime these days.
This is why I said 3200$ and based on previous history, all about some Moving Averages:


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