Current situation about cryptomarkets - DON'T PANIC !!!

3년 전

I would like to write few words about the cryptomarkets because it's really interesting situation. Just imaging: Bitcoin -9,27%, Ethereum -26,75%, Litecoin - 15,62%. Big short? It looks like this. Maybe you think it's panic and investors try to save their money closing their long trades. Well, I should say that it's a typical situation for the markets where there were fast upward trends. Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin made historical tops. The markets were greatly overbought. And this sale is just a logical way out. I don't think that we should talk about a trend reversal, we don't have signals for this. It's just a good correction which returns the markets to their real levels. These levels will be good for buying. We'll have the greatest long opportunity! Just don't hurry! Wait for solid signals before opening long trades. The markets have huge potential for grow in long term.
Good luck!

What are your thoughts ??

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