Make money by having Bitcoins? Yeah it is possible, make 1% every week with your Bitcoins

4개월 전

Not long ago, my friend presented me this project of a team that is trading Bitcoin coins weekly and you recieve % (depends on the amount of Bitcoin coins that you own) just by letting them trade with your coins. First of all i really don't like this kind of projects, i like to have my coins sitting in my own wallet, but friend assured me that he knows the team, so i took the risk and bought a package that gives me 1% on my investment weekly, The only downside is that you have your coins locked up for 15 weeks, but weekly profits can be withdraw and i am doing this which works ! Just here giving you an option if you decide to do this, but make sure to do your own research first. If you have any questions feel free to ask me i am in contact with the team so i can get all the information.

Here are some packages that you can buy:



If you decide for this investment, make sure to do it with this link and help me out a bit ! :)

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