Bears Have Bulls Backed In a Corner!

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Bears have bulls pushed against major support at $9,950. This is not just visual support, but also the 0.619 fib level of the larger structure. A decisive break (daily open and close) below this area would be significant.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 12.44.11 PM.png

Bulls are still defending the 8 week EMA at the time of writing this.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 12.44.34 PM.png

In today’s video we’ll look at the macro and micro picture. We'll discuss where price may go from here, key areas to watch, I’ll answer your questions and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.

Video Analysis:

If you don’t see the above video, navigate to TIMM ( or Steemit in order to watch.

I hope this has been helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comment section below. Until next time, wishing you safe and profitable trading.


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Feature Image By: Saul Gravy

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You have a knack for making trading look simple, while still discussing it in a responsible way. I enjoy your videos. It resonated with me when you mentioned about the phases you go through as a trader. I've had the highs and the lows, and when you said you reach a point where it's humbling I thought... That's where I am now. I have a whole new level of understanding of the market than I did three years ago, and when you said that you build from the humbling point... it just all made sense. Keep up the great posts :)


Wow...thanks for the feedback @lanokota.phoenix. It's great to hear these video's are helping. Everyone goes through the humbling phase. I certainly did. Wishing you all the best.