Bitcoin's Rally Exposes Central Bank Weakness

3개월 전

Trump is waging trade wars all over the place. China is the main target, at the moment. The world is on notice that anyone with a trade surplus with the U.S. faces similar actions.

This is sending markets plunging. The equities markets along with currencies are not liking what they see. We are getting close to a point where people are going to flee in droves.

Currencies are controlled by Central Banks who stand by their product. The problem is they are dropping versus what they can be exchanged for, goods and services. This war will only exaggerate this.

Bitcoin is on fire with all this activity. It is a rather small, illiquid market which means minimal amounts of capital can make it move. Bitcoin is becoming the "flight to safety". It is a market that is unregulated and people can move money freely throughout the world.

This is why Bitcoin is exploding while Gold is languishing. Bitcoin has the same properties of Gold as a reserve yet is easier to move and with less scrutiny.

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Here we go to 6 figures.... i hope it brings steem up with it

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