Gold, Bitcoin, & The Gigantic Global Debt Bubble

4개월 전

The trade war between China and the United States is part of a much bigger platform. These two countries are in a battle to see who will be the power in the next paradigm shift that is approaching us.

Last week, Rep. Sherman openly announced U.S. imperialism and that it is being threatened. He stated that Bitcoin needs to be banned. Since his proclamation, Bitcoin is on a tear. The largest cryptocurrency passed the $7,000 mark and is raging towards $8,000.

The old debt based system is on edge. A decade of QE all over the world has resulted in debt fueled bubbles. This is something that is going to pop at some point.

Many feel that gold and Bitcoin are the two options as a safety value.

As the world transforms, Bitcoin is expected to be a part of it because it enables people to do what they could not do before.

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