Bitcoin Latina - Who is John Gotts?

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Wow. I'm going to have to start treating Bitcoin Latina champion John Gotts with more respect. I thought he was just another pretty face, but when you check out his background and connections to the regulatory and legislative universe, you can see that he's the perfect champion for Bitcoin Latina.

Here's an article he just published introducing us to his Vision for Bitcoin Latina and endorsements from some of John's most valued advisors.

BitcoinLatina is a Cryptocurrency Project Following SEC/CFTC Guidance and the First Endorsed by Politicians

I have a feeling the future is full of people who will be asking,
"Who is John Gotts?"

Now we know!

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Awesome video with Connie, You guys are GREAT! Keep up the good work!!


Thanks @lurehound! 😀
~ @bluerocktalk🖖

Very interesting @stan. I just read the article, and John certainly has some very impressive friends backing the project that he is running. I think he may need some help on the branding side of things; even the name is very direct and to the point, almost outdate if you ask me. People may just see it as another BCH at a glance.

There are some very big names coming in to this space, I think that the key is that they work together, It's no use if 100 seasoned professionals come in and all work on their own projects that are backed by a few friends.. I would much rather see a project with 5 seasoned professionals all focusing their efforts on making it succesful and widely adopted.

Thanks again for sharing this!

Awesome! I will definitely keep a close watch on this project. It looks very promising.

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Congratulations to championship John Gotts.

bitcoin is a black dimond nicr information .Nice post thanks for sharing ......resteemed


Great job for this info @stan

More please

The Bitcoin Latina organization focuses on “By growing a Latin-based blockchain, our focus is to create jobs and prosperity while helping the people of Latin America learn about and experience the benefits of blockchain efficiencies”. Hence Latin America can get something new and the organization is all set to target the Latin Americans.

excellent boss.
Upvote and resteem.

nice information....
Thanks for sharing the news

Hopefully your wishes can be achieved to start treating Bitcoin Latina champion John Gotts with more respect.

Wow mind blowing

Though I don't know yet.
But I'm gonna check out the article so I won't be among the people who say 'who is John gotts'

publishing a new article that is very remarkable I hope you succeed is always my friend @stan

Nice profile indeed. Glad to know him as well. I am looking forward to support the project.

Bitcoin greatly decreases how you think

Sorry to bother you sideways in comments like this, I am earnestly looking into your work and investigating several trains of thought.

I expressed one of them in a quick read meme sequence:

As of this time, I am kindof tongue in cheek about it, but I wonder how you respond to observations that steemit, bts and eos have signs of u.s. government involvement/ownership/control/infiltration?

I am asking as respectfully as I can, the only and most direct way I know how. Any consideration would be appreciated, thanks.

Otherwise, btw, I am invested in bitshares and a lot of time on steemit, so I really hope I can ethically remain involved. I want this stuff to work and be legitimately ethical and anti-police state, but I don't want to be a rube about it either. I hope you understand.

  ·  3년 전

There are signs of government involvement everywhere. We have been one of the most sustained and articulate advocates of limited government out there. Perhaps we are saying all that stuff just so we can take over the world...


thanks for your consideration, will post the response to thread.

by their fruits ye shall know them, it's easier to give people the benefit of the doubt when they respond to critics


after further thought, I want to make sure that I'm clear that I am not accusing you of trying to take over the world.

I am more asking for some assurance that steemit is not itself run by a. police/fbi b. cia/FSB/mossad c. privatesec/stratfor/globalintelligence d. any or all of the above

It has come to my attention, for instance, as an anarchist, that more than a few accounts that I have read and interacted with, at the very least, are not anarchists and appear to have all of the signs of outright government operations. (i.e. they understand very little of what anarchism is, they use state surveillance tools like facebork, they have no attitude of security culture whatsoever)

As such, if any platform is infiltrated at the very begginning(like facebrok, and redddit, all the crap we are trying to get away from with blockchain tech) then for the rest of the life of the cycle cops/spies themselves will play kingmaker.

You can even watch how the more I have attempted to shine light on shady people on reddit, the few votes I get. Meanwhile accounts like @v4vapid outright promotes sites that according to my research simply cannot be real anarchits or real journalists.

Since everything goes through amazon, then theoretically amazon could shut down all of steemit, no matter how distributed AWS is as a platform, as a company, it's a single point of failure. The reliance on google search is a similar issue, if all of my steemit searches go on my permanent centralized record, then what are we really doing here?

If I can't even ask a question of some alleged anarchist org like 'The Conscious Resistance' ie why do they use so much facebook tracking? Why do they have a leader? Without getting bullied by users who got their cred 9 months ago from who knows where, and my account being flagged, then what is really going on here?

So again, I am not saying this is an attempt to take over the world, I am asking you about the security culture you have enforced to prevent your tools simply expanding the surveillance state? (with or without your knowledge or consent)

I am not kidding or playing or trolling, these are the serious question I believe everyone should be asking of every service they use. And I expect the same to be asked of me, and I have welcomed comments on all of my posts, although frankly the level of intellect of the response has yet to impress me.

I don't know John Gotts. Now I know thanks to you.

Nice boss


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Thank You! ⚜

the time is coming that all cryptos should be legalize in being closest to government views

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You tell us who he is.

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This makes me sick! I had such high hopes for BitShares. But associating with power hungry jerks, that disguise their efforts as charity. HELL NO.

Any crypto project that is endorsed by politicians deserves the utmost skepticism.

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