how you can growyour Bitcoin now this may be withtrading Bitcoin to USD or maybe yourcurrency or it could be trading otherBitcoin pairings to in fact grow yourBitcoin one thing you need to know orthink about before you start trading iswhat do you want do you want to make aUS dollar or a fiat currency income orfiat currency profit or do you want tojust in fact grow your Bitcoin for mepersonally I want to grow my Bitcoin I'mtrying to really get to 21 Bitcoin inthe next few years so every time I tradeI'm trading to increase my bitcoinholdings or trading to increase myBitcoin so I can trade with more Bitcointo eventually increase my Bitcoinholdings so that's basically what I doyou need to have a quick think for a fewminutes before you in fact get intotrading what you want to be doing let meknow down in the comments below what youwant to do if you would rather have atUSD profits or you would want yourprofits in Bitcoin to grow andaccumulate your Bitcoin let me know downin the comments belowand also if you haven't already smackedthat like button and also subscribe formore cryptocurrency videos so gettinginto today's video quickly look at theprices I mean we've had a pretty decentsell-off Bitcoin dropped around $200it's nothing unexpected nothing unusualwe all know this bitcoins trading aroundthirty five hundred thirty eight hundredfor quite a while now potentially amajor down to thirty-two hundred whichis pretty much I believe last year's oneof last year's lows but overall whenwe're seeing market conditions like thisI actually don't mind it I'm holdingBitcoin regardless of what happensunless it goes down to like a thousandcolors then I'm a real value eight mysituation and buy more obviously butoverall when we see conditions like thisthese big spikes and these big kind ofswings it's really good for tradingactually it can be a little nervy whenyou're holding but trading it'sdefinitely not bad so if you guys wouldwere to put a little bit of Bitcoinaside to trading it definitely wouldn'tbe a bad thing so we're going to betaking a look at the market quickly andthen getting into how we can tradeBitcoin to USD toin fact grow our bitcoin holdings andalso then we're gonna take a look at Ibelieve excel and we're gonna use todaystellar in the example and have a lookhow you can in fact grow your bitcointrading old coins so it's gonna be apretty interesting video definitelystick around so the market as a wholeit's not doing too great the market cap120 pretty much the volume actually thevolume isn't too bad it's not great Ireally like the volume to be above 20more to 25 that's when we can reallystart to see some growth in the marketBTC dominance is still above 50% whichis good although the next time we have aslight bull run I think the BTC Thomaswill start to drop as many people puttheir Bitcoin into alts to try and getmore profit which is fair enoughI mean theory I'm 117 dollars I'm gladthat's over 100 xlm we're looking at$0.10 like calling $30 I mean there'snothing really crazy everything's beengoing like like the price action hasbeen like this for a while now so let'sjust jump into the video so startingwith BTC I want BTC USD on a coin basechart right now we're looking at 35 28USD and we can see on the one day chartit really gives you a good broadperspective of what's going on in themarket so I really recommend before youever trade or before you jump into acrypto just take a look at the day charteven if it's only for a few seconds justto gauge the market and gauge what'sgoing on because once we jump into the4-hour of a one-hour hit the 15 minutesthe 5 minutes if you want to go thatdeep the charts really do look a lotdifferent so right now we can see we'recurrently at around $3,500 let's call itprevious lows were around I believe it's3200 yeah around 31 $3,200 so we can seethat we're actually trading a little bitabove previous lows now what does thatmean well before I in fact go any deeperI want to see where was this lastprevious low so if we zoom out I want tosee where this last previous law was sothe last time Bitcoin was this low backon the 12 of December was actuallyaround the 20th of September 17 so it'spretty much a year and a few months agoit was that low we had all this hypehere and then back to realityunfortunately so that's basically whereBitcoin was a year and two months ago sowhat can we do with this informationwell we know bitcoins already dropped toaround 3200 and we know it's currentlyaround 3500 so if we were actually gonnatry to profit from this what we would dois personally I would set a buy orderfor around thirty two hundred maybethirty thirty three hundred and ifyou're already holding Bitcoin set thesell order for around forty two hundredforty one hundred this way it will coverboth both of our front our front and ourback regardless what happens in themarket now setting is sell order forforty two hundred yes it could be riskybecause Bitcoin could go crazy high andit could go up to 5,000 6,000 7,000 thatis a potential scenario always but whenyou're setting these targets and stuffyou really have to take the emotionalside of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency outof it and just purely think about it asas a way to make profit so you could youcould potentially set your let's zoom inhere you could potentially set your buyorder for around here change out togreen set your buy order here at aroundlike 3,200 buy order at 3200 and thenyou could potentially set your sellorder here I mean I probably said it alittle lower just to be sure maybe about4100 something like that you couldpotentially set your your sell order foraround 4100 so what that does is we cansee that Bitcoin is trading in betweenthese two regions let me get this done40 150 100 I wish at 40 100 so you cansee the Bitcoin is trading in betweenthese two regions now if you wanted togo ahead and dive deeper into this youcould obviously pull up some indicatorsfor example RSI the MACD that many manydifferent ones but I'm purely looking atsupport and resistance as a tail off ofyesterdayvideo so we can see here Bitcoin isaround 3,500 potentially it could godown to 3,200 again realistically Idon't think it's going to that was apretty drastic step if we go ahead andtake a look at the volume this can giveus a better indication of what'sactually going on in a market we can seethe volume is unfortunately actuallyvery low we can see we're having like atail off here straight down with avolume which honestly usually is a bitof a bearish sign there's not much moneycoming into the market but we can seethat potentially if we set a sell orderhere if you already have Bitcoin and weset a buy order here at 3200 that shouldhopefully cover both our front and ourback so that is one way you couldpotentially go about making andincreasing your bitcoin holdings alrightso before we jump into the next examplewhich is stellar I want to tell youabout the Bitcoin blueprint as alwayslink down in the description belowit's basically an 8 is a guide on how tomake money with cryptocurrency has alarge section in there on trading it canshow you more detailed tactics in thisso a lot of people like you are actuallygoing ahead and making a decent profittrading themselves after watching thetrading section within my course theBitcoin blueprint also comes with alifetime free access to my tradingsignals which are $59 subscription permonth so if you wanted to weigh thatsubscription fee you can join theBitcoin blueprint the link is down belowand you'll get the trade calls a fulllife if not the trade calls you canpurchase separately if you're interestedin that so definitely check out thelinks below help yourself help thechannel and all around it's pretty goodso taking a look at xlm let's go aheadand have a look at excellent the BTC andlet's see stock let's have a look what'sin fact going on of course I'm gonna bepulling up the day chart let's get ridof the volume we're not interest in thatright now and we can see we've had apretty big sell-off with Excel M I meanI want to see the extent of thissell-off because this looks rather largelet's see yeah this is a pretty we'vehad a sell-off a 40% in 64 days so 40percent reduction in two months that isquite a large sell-off if you ask me tobe honestexcellence really really good fortrading guys if you're not trading xlmyou really should be looking into it wecan see these Peaks and the swings thatexilim actually has it's really reallyinteresting to trade right now we'recurrently sitting at around 2800Satoshi's 2900 Satoshi's which is apretty key level to be honest so ifwe're going I'd go ahead and take a lookback at previous price levels we can seethat around 2,900 I believe it is 2900has actually been featured a lot if Ican actually draw a line 2,900 satoshishas actually been a common numberactually which has been touching thislevel of support for quite some time nowI mean back from February 2018 over ayear the 2800 Satoshi's mark has been apretty solid support level for xlm whichis really really interesting and I'mgonna get into that right now so we cansee this level right here it's prettymuch touched 1 2 3 4 5 6 times istouching the last year this level ofsupport has touched and each time prettymuch when it's touched it has bouncedback up to a much much higher level 2030 40 50 percent it's bounced so thiscould be something very very interestingwhen we're looking at the day chart andthis would potentially be a swing tradefor xlm if we go ahead and take a quicklook at the RSI let's see what this isbringing I'm gonna change the color cuzI get so many complaints I can't see thecolor yeah I agreeso I'm gonna change the RSI so everyonecan see it the RSI is currently lookingpretty neutral to be honest I mean it'snot looking too interesting we can seethe RSI is currently at a level whichhas been very very common over the pastfew months and maybe a little bit higherto say around the 35 Satoshi 35 Satoshi35 mark on the RSI we can see if thispotentially comes down to the 35 on theone day we could potentially see a bitof price action that's just from lookingat the RSI so basically we can seethat xlm is really not looking too badfor a swing trade potential I mayactually go ahead and take this tradeI'll update you on the channel if I dotake this trade and it may be in fact bein the trade calls because it's lookingpretty interesting for a swing trade Imean the potential next level we couldsee for this potentially let me get alarger perspective here would be aroundI would say around 3,200 satoshis sowe're looking at a profit of around 1011percent if potentially that hits so it'sdefinitely very very interesting indeedfor Stella so that's pretty much it forthis video guys if you did want to goahead and check out the bitcoinblueprint the link is down below in thedescription also with the trade calls ifyou're looking to better yourcryptocurrency knowledge and basicallybe able to make do calls like thisyourself images.jpeg-2.jpg

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