What are the best bitcoin wallets out there?

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Hello everyone! I am a newbie when it comes to cryptocurrencies and been trading for about two weeks now. I know there are many different storages for coins. I'm looking into how would be the most convenient way to withdraw using bitcoin atms. I'm just curious if I had to take money out what are the fees involved? Also with cold storage, what's the difference with the different kinds? I see some ranging from $30 - $300. Thanks for your advice.

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The best wallet to get is a hardware wallet like a Ledger Nano S (what I use) or a Trezor. These wallets protect your private keys from your computer, so malware won't be able to steal them.

Next, the best non hardware wallets are Jaxx, Blockchain.info, and GreenAddress. They create your private/public pairs on your device, but they are susceptible to malware.

Use localbitcoins to cash out your bitcoins locally, or use Coinbase if you are in the US. Fees are minimal for both.


I have coinbase linked to my bank account. USAA integrated the platform to my account. But i guess i wasnt sure if it was just a way to transfer funds to coinbase and not withdraw back to my USD bank account. Are any other banks able to use the coinbase platform linked to their personal bank account?

in my view, coinbase wallet is best

I have been using coinbase for about a year now and I have had no issues and I love the platform