Bitconnect BCC drops nearly 20x its value, overnight.

4년 전

He (OP) was right. BCC came crashing down today. A LOT of people's eyes were FINALLY OPENED today. The drug dealer looking dudes (Craig Grant and Treyvon (last name hidden/huge red flag) were behind pimping (yes, hustling) bitconnect left and right via youtube along with some teenage white boy that clearly did NOT have the $800k in his acct. he kept pretending to have). BCC Bitconnect was a scam and they are still pulling people in. This is entirely because the crash of Bitcoin HID the crash of BCC. Bitcoin crash was just what happens every mid-Jan. BCC crash was long coming. I am sad that people don't realize why bcc crashed today and instead blame it on BTC's coincidental failing. Sell BCC, get out. Come back home to BTC.

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What is the answer to life the universe and every thing?

CryptoNick was the teenage boys name. Again, no last name. And Craig Grant did NOT look like the liar/imposters name.