BITCONNECT: Will Ken FitzSimmons Please Stand Up!?

5년 전

Check This BitConnect BS Out!

  • Who is 'borrowing' from BitConnect?
  • The Volatility Software .. guaranteed, consistent, large % earnings .. do not exist in this world
  • The creator of BitConnect and the creator of this AMMMAAAZZZING software, should be proudly promoting it .. he should be everywhere, jumping into every possible spotlight - but to-date, no one knows what he, or anyone else from BCC HQ looks like.
  • Compare the amount of money you have put in, with the BTC or BCH you have moved back out of the site .. to make $ you have to lock up your money for long periods, and the amount that is made available (released), will always be less than you have locked up.

A little research done by @debugger ..

Meanwhile on Youtube ..

There are countless of affiliate code hoes on Youtube, celebrating BitConnect as the salvation of humanity, but there are some driven by a desire to know the truth, and to warn of the dangers, when the people are not easily deterred. Here are a couple of videos that take a calm, and reasonable approach ..

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So nobody knows what the owner of Bitconnect looks like or where they are headquartered?

Thanks for yur good posts, I followed you!