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While I agree with your overall analysis, you missed the J fractal at the crossover on the back of the Q. When it falls off of that apex, you get what is called the “Jackoff” formation. The Jackoff is a contrarian indicator of the opposite of the trend, which means...yep, you guessed it:

Up or down, for sure.




Steem is the most useful blockchain out there imo


This is the comment I was looking for.

This is great news Berjin. Would you say that it's possible we'll see a dick and balls formation on the charts today when we eclipse the fifth sun ray? I am concerned we are seeing some discordant fragmentation of the third layer, but if we can partition some more space, I think we can reallocate some ram and hopefully we avoid any memory leaks.

Do you think we'll see the head and shoulders pattern today? It's possible there might be a bit of dandruff in the market from bullish investors.


I wish you MASSIVE profits.

thanks for this @haejinx I mean I mean, @berniesanders hehehahaheheh

Wow you are the best! Can you do a chart for shitcoin symbol (SHT). Thanks! 😂😂😂

  ·  3년 전

Not the beer mug!!! Omg!!! but I had sold before the chalice met the wealth jaws!!!!!

Is there a chance for a triple reverse Stein on the cup handle triple output to push through the resistance with persistence?

This made my evening:

I have no doubt this will not result in MASSIVE PROFITS that I consistently wish you ignorant sheep. Ignore the consistent downtrend.

What you say about ned's activity lately, I guess you would agree with some point of mine there, let's see if you find that one or get triggered before :))

PS: sorry for the link, if you want to, I'll remove it!

I have no doubt this will not result in MASSIVE PROFITS". that's all that i need to know, here and read.

Thank you for your continuous spot on TA reports. You should get like $500 every 2 hours for this kind of work!

Oooh, can you do the exact same analysis on RNDM coin? I looked through your 9845 other TA's and noticed you haven't done that one yet

Hilarious! Loved it!

lol....flip the fcuking rocket bernie. Fcuk I thought you said you beeing doing faketa for 15 years!

every faketa expert knows to flip the fcuking rocket

I just checked my chart and I'm seeing a Crypto Rex pattern.

The market is gonna move for sure.

Best chart pattern. Gator attack with profits... or losses ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Lovely one @berniesanders. Thanks for you.

Why not start with a word "KABOOM!"


Bro ! You may have hit upon a content gold mine with this series :)

Abstruct art has gone a long way. Back at my youth, it was just doodles we were drawing on school desks when bored.

Now they are means to read the future.

Next time you have to explain head and shoulder, i am sure it will be horor analysis wkwwkk

If Wave 73 goes sideways then you're going to end up with egg on your face!

Awesome prediction I will be rich soon lol 🤣

Hehehehe.I totally love it.
Bernie you made my day brother

Spot on anlysis - main point we have a beer mug so also a contribution to #Beersaturday - I knew you like beer challenges @berniesanders 🍻

Just Hilarious @berniesanders
Keep them coming and make me rich :)

I agree that Bitdeal is a great investment and is forming the Beer Mug pattern preparing for super moon liftoff wave. It is also preparing to parse a fractal and impulse followed by and ejaculation event more disruptive than the volcano in Hawaii.

This will complete the J Fractal mentioned by @ats-david

Great work!

I like the beer mug quadruple triangle, but I like more the whiskey round circle. Do you think we can get to it in the next analyse?

  ·  3년 전

If it’s a microbrew IPA I’m all in! 🍻 Cheers

True steemit fact: Bernie Standers real name is Richard Hendrix. Remember kids - tabs not spaces! KABOOOM.

So? All in?

  ·  3년 전

of course! dump 2 BTC into play like the rest of us!

You made a great point boss with this analysis but then you said it's bulshit, don't know which to follow boss

  ·  3년 전

"Without a doubt, the Z, Q and B fractals are partitioning like we've never seen before in crypto. I have no doubt this will not result in MASSIVE PROFITS". that's all that i need to know, here and read.

Bless you sir.