Bitdollar Airdrop

2개월 전


✅Chat with the Bitdollar Fund Airdrop bot (

✅Join the Bitdollar Fund on Telegram.

✅Send your details and address ERC-20 to the Airdrop bot.

✅You have earned 40 CPRO tokens.

✅Click on the “Bounty List” and complete the tasks to earn more CPRO tokens. You have “Initial Rewards” with simple social assignments in which you can earn only 300 CPRO, “Monthly Prizes” with “like / share” assignments, where you can earn up to 165 CPRO tokens, and “Premium Rewards” with more challenging tasks where you can earn op up to 2500 CPRO tokens.

✅You must earn at least 200 CPRO tokens during this airdrop to earn rewards.

✅Share your referral link to earn 15 CPRO tokens for each referral.

✅Note. You will receive half of your earned CPRO tokens after completing the first stage of the ICO, and the remaining 50% - one year after the completion of the first stage of the ICO. All your completed tasks, such as likes and subscriptions, must remain completed within 1 year after the end of the first stage of the ICO, in order to receive all your earned CPRO tokens through the air.

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