We are launching today! New Bitfxt Bounty for Everyone!


Mr Peter BXFT 20190525_081450.jpg

Its official!

We are launching Vault 3.0 today!

We have worked so hard to built the new version of our vault, with advanced features and more functionalities.
Details of our Vault 3.0 can be found Here

We are indeed happy about Vault, because it will open up a new way of interacting blockchain technology and the normal way of life of individuals around the world.

We are looking forward to creating an ecosystem around the lives of every individual on the planet.

To celebrate this launch, we are hosting a little bounty, with loads of BXT Coin to be won.


°USE OUR BITFXT LOGO AS YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA DP and post a screenshot of your profile on any of our social media handles.

° Share your BXT Vault Link

° Use the tags #bitfxt ,#BXT and #bxtcoin

° Tag as many friends

° Post the screenshot or link to your profile or video

Alternatively, if you have BITFXT polo you can wear it today and take a selfie or do a little video about BITFXT.

•Share your BXT Vault link

•Share a Photo or Video of you wearing our polo.

•Tag your friends.

•Use #Bitfxt #BXT and #bxtcoin as tags to post.

•Send your links and screenshots to any of our social media

Post the image on any of our social media handles,tag as many friends as you can and we will reward you with BXT Coin.

This is a gesture of love to all of our community members who have been there for us throughout this journey.

We are sincerely enthusiastic about the new vault and we would love everyone to be part of this innovative ecosystem. Spread the knowledge about BITFXT and earn BXT Coins today. With love from BITFXT.

Get yourself a BPay Card Now! Limited Slots Available. Follow this link to apply.

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Contract: https://bit.ly/2I6wDuA
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Kudos to the team

I like this initiative, kudos to you

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Lovely project. I heard about it today and I'm already eager to join the train.
My Twitter profile picture now has the bitfxt image and I also twitted about it.


Here is my wallet address..

  ·  작년

Just dropped an entry using my Twitter account with the Twitter handle @mr_lebey.

But my question is how are we gonna get a share of the bitfxt coin..

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Here is my bitfxt address


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This would hasten the adoption of blockchain in africa. This is the real proof of work.. Good job bitfxt!

You have done what no one has been able to do in this part of the world, and that's a huge plus. Kudos!


Changed my dp on Twitter and made a tweet. Here is my address: 0xc09a556b5bfb90504fc2651eb4ca15a60a050131

  ·  작년

I changed Twitter DP and made two tweets.

Here is my bitfxt wallet address: 0xc37764f0de3f49f9db22fefee2c25a3e46391180Screenshot_20190525-114131.png

  ·  작년


I used the logo as my profile pic and background. I tweeted, tagged three friends

retweeted your post

Here is my address 0x077418ca55ef2d611676f4c872de903ca04cd772

  ·  작년

Amazing project, hope it reaches the heights i see it at already. Good job guys!


Used as dp and also tweeted!

My bitfxt vault:

My Ethereum address:

Below are the screenshots



My eth address :


My vault address :