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Hi friends, in the last article I introduced you to a wonderful project BitHub Network. Today we will talk about the opportunity to earn without investment participate in the bounty program. The reward in the bounty program is paid by the project in btc.


What is a bounty and how to make money on it?

Each participant of the program can earn 0.5 BTC if you are active and or participate in companies that bring high rewards, such as writing articles about BitHub. In fact, one good video can earn you 0.5 BTC. Each campaign has its own rewards and rules — for more information, please visit our bounty page.
Every content or task you submit is checked for quality. This includes posts, comments, articles, reviews, etc.we have a whole team checking that all incoming reward assignments meet our requirements. For this reason, it may take a week to check your content and transfer the reward.


Getting an award for participating in the bounty program.

After completing the task, you must fill out the appropriate form. The specialist will check the received data and assign you a reward within 7 days, if the task was completed correctly. However, if the quality of your work does not meet our requirements, you will not be paid remuneration. You will find the reason why your work was rejected in the results table.

Withdrawal of funds.

The system will automatically transfer profits to your account in accordance with your chosen investment plan or reward. This can mean hourly, daily, or final payments. Please note that the principal amount will be included in the profit payout, so you will not receive it separately. To track your payment, you can check the history section of the profits.
To withdraw your investment profit or reward, referral ,or Ambassador, click Withdraw in the Transactions section of the user panel menu. Select the payment system and the desired amount and click Withdraw. The processing time will depend on the payment method and the availability of support staff. The BitHub project aims to process all withdrawals within 72 hours

In conclusion, I advise you to participate in this bounty program, if you work actively and efficiently, you can earn decent money. And the best point is that the project pays in btc the most liquid cryptocurrency, everyone is probably tired of participating in the bounty for not clear tokens that are very likely not even going to be traded on exchanges.
Good luck and good earnings

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