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BTC Mining Difficulty - A measure that how hard to compete for mining Rewarding on the Cryptocurrency world's first blockchain network has posted its largest two-week increase in 12 months.
According to BTC.com data, mining level is reached up to 9.09 trillion which is (T) at block height 584,640 around 9:17 UTC on July 9, surpassing the previous record of 7.93 T by 14.23 percent

This was the strongest growth in any 2 weeks since Aug 2018 - a sign that competition through miners is not only intensifying but also doing so at increasing rate.

스크린샷 2019-07-09 오후 7.42.25.png

Competition right now, is so fierce. Mining difficulty has leapfrogged the entire range of eight trilliion to break the threshold of nine trillion. The estimated difficulty by BTC.com from adjustment period could be same high as 10.35T, which would be another 14.17 percent increase.

Level 2 is delivering two revolutionary ex- changes in the synergy of one global platform

  1. The HEX is the First Cross-Chain Hybrid Exchange. Opening the safe exchange mar- ket for institutional investors.
  2. The CEX is the first centralized exchange with a massive twist on customer support and gamif- cation, and first using the FPGA technology to introduce ultra low latency to be 80-100x better then competition (Under 2μs latency).

The synergy of Level 2 global platform
Sharing order book across HEX and CEX for additional liquidity. HEX is there for the technical audience and institutions and massive liquidity and CEX for the average trader. Also introducing First Time Ever Derivatives across both HEX and CEX.
This means massive liquidity and an audience that can go back and forth through the HEX and CEX. Opening up the market of a safe exchange that can deliver enough liquidity for large traders, market makers and custody providers to engage. And creating the Centralized exchange that will be the best for traders with the amount of support and engagement we provide and high-end solutions for trading.

Telegram URL : https://t.me/level2chat
Telegram URL : https://t.me/l2official
Website: https://l2.exchange/

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