Pangea Jurisdiction Development Update 07 - December 2017

3년 전

Pangea Jurisdiction Development Update 07 - December 2017

Updates since last month:

  • New Mobile Ethereum React Daemon
  • Multisignature Wallet
  • Panthalassa wallet and web3 updates
  • Nation Framework
  • Pangea Mobile Client
  • TODO

New Mobile Ethereum React Daemon

As described in our previous dev update we are creating a react native ethereum daemon library that can be easily pulled into every react project to support decentralized access to the ethereum network. Initially we planned to use’s ethereum daemon, but since we had problems to get it running we decided to use geth instead ( Geth is compiled to ios/android (thank you geth devs). That offers many advantages, such as getting the daemon directly from the source, and the ability to use the last version of geth as soon as it is released.

Multisignature Wallet

As keeping our fund’s secure (and maybe your money if you invest, if so thank you!) is VERY important to us. William (our Solidity dev) started to create a multi sig wallet. You might wonder why we create our own one, rather than using an existing one. The answer is that we just couldn’t find one that matched our criteria, such as simplicity and activity of the community members.

Panthalassa Wallet and Web3 updates

We added some more functionality like the wallet and web3 to panthalassa which will be consumed in pangea as our abstracted backend that will be consumed by our mobile and desktop client. Everyone will be able to add their own ERC20 tokens to it, without any barriers to entry. It’s an ETH DEX, per default. That also mean our native token, PAT, will have liquidity from day one.

Nation Framework

As you know creating nations is one of our core feature, William is writing the framework for it: It’s delegating the storage of the nation data to a single contract so that the business logic can be updated when needed.

Pangea Mobile Client

We did a lot of work on the pangea mobile client, including refining the mockups, the user flows, created a list of manifest (stuff like images, react native components) and thought worked on a delay tolerant search.

TODOs in the next few weeks ahead:

  • Release the Pangea client
  • Get the Pangea app on the Apple and Android stores
  • Do test trials within the community
  • Finalize and audit all contracts for the PAT public sale
  • Get PAT on wallets and exchanges
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  ·  3년 전

Love the project! Let's create a room on Matrix/Riot. Slack and Telegram are too closed. I have registered as a Bitnation citizen. Would love to become an allie.

Looking forward to seeing the direction this takes in 2018. As a citizen of one of the largest communities in the world, Damanhur, and now a citizen of Bitnation, I see this project as fundamental to our evolution on this planet.

If you are looking for a small nation test bed, Damanhur could be interested!