Bits and Pieces - Poloniex Freezes Accounts

2년 전

Ranting on Poloniex today.

Freezing IRS Takeover

I knew this was coming - got out of (dot)com-exchanges months ago when they all started getting hacked and Poloniex lost $21,000.00 worth of Steem. I saw a lot of Bittrex customers being locked out too. So, I went all in and jammed my funds into bitshares as you all know.

I occasionally put a couple thousand worth into Poloniex, traded it and pulled it right back out.

That was the plan for tonight but when I got there and confirmed my authentication code I was faced with this screen. Note the key word government which is the real problem.



Yeah, I really don't think so.

I pride myself and my hundreds of wallets on being confusing as to who I am if not totally anonymous by way of quantity. An ounce of preventions is worth a ton of cure,and by prevention I mean keeping less than a couple dollars in your account. By cure I mean trying to find a willing party to fake an ID for you. I will just leave it there and post this as a warning to you all who might have any quantity of coins on these hacker-havens.

Account Frozen.jpeg

Trust. It takes years to build & seconds to destroy

The list of unsafe sites for freedom-loving, bank-free, individuals is growing.

  • gox (hacked)
  • bitstamp (hacked)
  • grails (hacked)
  • bittrex (keeps funds for fun)
  • poloniex (keeps funds for fun)
  • github (I don't use microsoft sites - ever)

How many more can you name? I won't be visiting any of these soon!
If you have not read the mandatory Steemit policies, you should. I am powered down and encouraging others to do so. Word of mouth brought people in and it works way faster on taking them out.

So why have I not been so jazzed about posting on Steemit? When a blockchain needs to have an option to cut off your account. Time to find another blockchain.


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on a reliable, secure, decentralized, distributed, blockchain.

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La confianza y las ganas se van perdiendo cada día mas , excelente post @htooms

Fuckin' government always screwing shit up!

What are your thoughts on Binance?


Too new to be trusted. When someone told me about it, I went in and there was no option for Steem of SBD - then I found out they use a coin of their own name to charge fees. Funny, that's what BTS is for on Bitshares, the difference is that Bitshares can't be dragged into court or before congress.

Eventually, even if Binance is proven trustworthy, they will have the boot of government on their necks to get photo ID's and the like. So, why bother with it.


That makes sense, for sure.

I am also a bit disappointed as things are in the virtual world, I live what I generate on the web, are difficult times, there are days when I feel that the depreciation wants to win me, however I draw strength from where there is no and continuous, I can not do much, it's been four years that I live out of system, there's no turning back.
happy to read you dear friend @htooms


Thanks for saying so. I was actually thinking of getting back in to the bureaucratic tax system and paying taxes on the millions I have made (or part of it). I love the freedom of not being in the system, but everything you buy has your name and ID attached to it even when you pay cash.


Here in Argentina the situation is getting very difficult, with that of wanting to raise, it is getting complicated to be totally out of system, increased cross-checks, we will see what happens.
Happy week dear friend

This publication is very important. It makes us aware of being warned and taking precautions. excellent contribution, to take care of our crypts. thank you very much

I don't think that it's safe to give your ID to government.

Brother they do not know what they are losing and even more people like your valuable @htooms. forwards always blessings

Excelente post muy interesante , todo esta especificado,saludos.

Trust is lost in a second, this is very well known and with its actions makes people repudiate it more and more
Thanks for sharing..

thank you for giving an explanation and showing us the risks that can be presented as well as a solution to prevent losses, as I mentioned in my presentation is nice to get people like you from which you can learn a lot about the use of wallets and how to prevent losses excellent post and thanks

Many people have put our trust and money in this wallets ... sometimes we pass for trust and other times so there is not documenting enough, thanks for sharing this information

But look what we have here, it is post it takes great importance and thanks for sharing, we are the ones we decided to trust and it is they who are responsible for losing that trust ..
Greetings friend ..

When it comes to trust, one thing is for sure: people really sure of themselves have the advantage over those who doubt, since they are capable of making things happen. that's why there are certain places that take advantage of the innocence of some people to take advantage of their confidence and get out benefits

it is easy to trust, but once trust is lost, it does not recover ... thanks for sharing wallets with security flaws that information is relevant.

I had not heard about poloniex but apparently it is an interesting project, I will look for more information to know more about the subject.

Muy interesante este post, ya que debemos estar muy atentos en donde colocamos nuestro dinero y no tener una confianza total en un exchange y las precauciones que debemos tener tanto para tener seguras nuestras criptos como nuestra identidad. Saludos y gracias por la información

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There is always a risk, we must be careful in this case. Thank you for the advice.
Have a good day @hatooms

Good to see you posting!
Since we have never received the steem we transferred there during that time of them losing so much, we've never gone back. That appears a wise choice!

Edit: I emailed you :)

Thanks for keeping us posted on crypto exchange!

Note the key word ***government*** which is the real problem

A word after a word after a word is power. Margaret Atwood

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I like how you write. Can I put your quote on my blog?

github uso poloniex en algunos casos pero estoy domo tu perdiendo el animo en publicar no se si es la baja pero estoy un pocoo caida