Bits and Pieces - Github Risks Virus Infection

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Ranting on two subjects today.


I was listening to a show while falling asleep last night and I had paused it to finish in the morning. Waking up, I was not sure what it was so I took a listen.

The founder of this thing was not well spoken, but I was immediately sold on the idea he presented. A decentralized exchange that eliminates market makers, orders instantly filled, and it is the largest decentralized exchange in the world!!

Before you all run over to this place, the image source takes you there, they forgot to mention the down side. When I went to the site to see this new marvel, I found that I only even recognized two or three coins they deal in.

Now we have an exchange that never holds your coins, trading everything you would never buy. No thanks Bancore.
I will invest in BNT next dip even though I have no ERC20 tokens

Then there is Bitshares which has all the coins I need to exchange, but next to zero volume. I do ten minutes worth of mainstream trading in six days.
this is largely due to a firewall of sorts - the ultra complex sign up & secure process.



Where will all the open source developers go once the King of Virus Infections buys out the vault.

Matter meets anti-matter

Light meets dark


note: a news source that has been wrong more than three times without making amends, is unbelievable in my book. I would not blame you if you rejected me after I knowingly lied to you three or more times.

I may have been sucked in by a completely false report. But if true, and if it happens, open source developers need to find a new home.

Acid meets base

Dry ice meets boiling water

I am not sure how to reconcile the mixture of a complete ad-ware, virus-ware, pay-or-popup, site with a pure open-source software site.

Let's hope that this is just another baseless news item. Time will tell. If the author of blue screens of death actually does buy up our main source of stable software, I for one have done my last git pull or git clone

Trust. It takes years to build & seconds to destroy


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on a reliable, secure, decentralized, distributed, blockchain.

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wao interesante, ya es dificil saber cual noticia es verdadera y cual no...

lovely informations for crypto @htooms
thank you for shraing

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Very good post @htooms, this is very useful for us all, and especially for myself. I think, now Crypto is developing, and so many new projects are growing for Crypto, so it's very difficult to determine which projects are really good for us to invest. Maybe you have a solution. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information, and hope you have a wonderful day...


I will take 1% and invest it in their smart contract coin in case any of these other coins become big. I remember the advent of Ethereum and even mining it. If I had held it, I would not have had to rebuy at $6.00

Anything can happen, so I invest small amounts in new things.


yes, that's very good, I agree with your thinking, because we have to try it first with a small amount, then we can compare which one is better. I've heard that Bitcoin is best for us to invest, because they say Bitcoin is the best Crypto for now and for the future. Is it true?
I now want to learn more about Crypto, maybe you have a lot of experience about it all.


No. Bitcoin is a relic. But everyone still wants one for some reason.


I just charged a guy $50.00 to obtain half a bitcoin for him. I also told him that it may take up to a week to arrive. Transfer times have been better but anything can happen - bitcoin could have a relapse and tomorrow there could be a quarter million unconfirmed transactions waiting.

This my first bitcoin transaction since Dec. 2016.


Is that true as you say that Bitcoin takes up to a week for a transaction, that's a very long time. But why do so many people say that Bitcoin is the best Crypto for now, what is their reason for all this?
Sometimes I am confused for all this, so, I think, Btcoin is not good for us to invest

i will always support you man...

Tampoco veo una forma de conciliar la mezcla de un sitio completo de adware, virus, pay-or-popup, con un sitio de software puro de código abierto. Es algo sumamente difícil y creo que imposible, gracias por el post muy bueno como siempre.

Great and valuable post @htooms sir.
Nice article on Bits and Pieces - Github Risks Virus Infection.
I agree with you sir.
You are so much talented person on steemit.

Thanks for sharing.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

That one line just summed up this post in a great way
"Trust. It takes years to build & seconds to destroy"
Truly years of hard work and all the success could vanish github need to take things seriously

so nice love to news post.....

Very good information @htooms, Open source project is very open, It could allow some features to upload applications,
I have started a few moments open source project, they will very very happy to serve it ..
Thanks for sharing @htooms


That didn't make much sense.

I am your new follower nice to meet you...

I have read your post. It is interesting.
Be careful in choosing something. Think before you do something.
Have a good day @htooms

Good post @htooms, this is exceptionally helpful for all of us, and particularly for myself. I think, now Crypto is creating, thus numerous new ventures are developing for Crypto, so it's exceptionally hard to figure out which ventures are okay for us to contribute. Perhaps you have an answer. Much obliged to you for sharing this exceptionally supportive data, and expectation you have a great day...

Very good post @htooms, this is very useful for us all, and especially for myself. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information, and hope you have a wonderful day...

Very good post @htooms, this is very useful for us all, and especially for myself. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information, and hope you have a wonderful day...

Hey there sweetheart! My husband read your post and wanted to know if you've heard of cryptobridge? It's laid on top of bitshares with a lot more coins and volume, and you can just use your bitshares sign in-

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hopefully everything goes smoothly.
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