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Pulling out of Github

Let's say you have a daughter at an all girls school. One day you find that Jeffery Epstein has purchased the school and will be headmaster. It's fine. The school has always been top rated. No need to change anything.

source of all computer problems. "Joe Virus" if you will.

As a comparison, we have the king of driver conflicts and blue-screens-of-death buying up the top rated, best of the best, collaborative, storehouse for open source code. What could go wrong? I say "Eat Me!"

I am pulling out.

Disgusted. I for one have done my last update from Github


Searching for alternatives, I remembered

I looked on Steemit and found this...


not asking for much are you?

Sure, and I will send my bitcoin private key too while I am there.

Double checking, I went and watched the video at

It turns out that you can sign on and use Steemit to post your code.
Wow, great! I need not give anyone my master key.

No, it is worse than that.


It is stated that you must link back to the root of the problem which is Github.

Apparently, the only the only benefit of utopian is that you get a few votes.


Once bitten, twice shy

I currently have a shit-list of companies, entities and people that I will not do business with. The list includes google, twitter, microsoft, apple, facebook, myspace, yahoo messenger, santander bank, the u.s. government, bittrex, poloniex, john, amy, vivian, and the list goes on.

  • adding... + github, (by association)

note: * shows slimy places added after reading some comments. Thanks people.

Those shown on this list are so low, they need not be capitalized.

Who is on your shit-list?

What can we do to break the github habit?

There is a lot I may not know about how repositories work. Inform me.

One thing I do know is that Bill Gates is up to no good. If he owns it, I do not use it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

Remember. Zero trust for anything that is on github from here on out.

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Thank you for the informative update @htooms.

This information should make anyone who understands what is going on uncomfortable. Yes....github has now been added to the ever growing list.

Appreciate seeing you posting again.


it's good to go back and read you dear friend @htooms
Go your "list of companies shit" is very interesting.
You are very right, it does not cause any thanks when you ask for your preivada calve
Happy to read you
I wish you a wonderful Sunday


Thanks for keeping us informed about the Shit list....I have not really start one, but I need to sounds like.
I know I am slowly getting away from Facebook, never had Twitter, github and others you mentioned.


It has been so long since I visited facebook, I forgot they exist. Thanks.


Thanks for replaying back.

Have you looked at
Im told its opensource.

If stinc, et al, delegates to it, its a clue.

You are surrounded now my dear friend @htooms.

From now on, you will have to share your contributions to the Open Source Community solely with your pillow or hide them well under the depths of your own mattress. };)


That has become quite obvious. I do still have encrypted email service. Coins are stored and private keys secure. More than 500 goofle accounts have originated from my finger tips because phone sim cards are cheap and easily tossed. If the megalomaniacs want to collect data, I will give them many false names to collect it under.

I , (name withheld) have been off the internet as me for many years now.


Ah! good for you then mate. Seems like you are a chary and very cautious chap. :)

I just hope you are not using an Apple iPhone or for that matter, any other Apple gadget. Because on this current electronic/digital age embedded with sneaky & wily autonomous AI, BigData, DeepLearning technologies everywhere no one will save an Apple's fanboy from a 'friendly' "Shamrock" "Echelon" "FornSat" “Sky Net” "Prism" eavesdropping peek. Hahahaha

¡No Joke! };)


No I am not. Apple is on my shit-list.

I didn't know about Bill Gates and his sneaky buying of GitHub. Makes me think twice about it now

Thanks for sharing this information, it is certainly a shit that the big information companies put their noses in the open source communities

Thanks for sharing this information, utopian is a great community, continues to make excellent post

Hey Bill...

You still shorting BITCOIN?


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