New BitShares Blockchain Explorer

3년 전

A new BitShares blockchain explorer launched yesterday.

昨日上线一个新的 BTS 区块链浏览器


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非常好,我也听说过这个从我的朋友,它真的出来快 :)



In addition here are few more things I noticed:

There is no big use of paginator that offers 20 or 25 items per page. Maybe 20, 50, 100 would be more useful.

screenshot 2018-01-26 at 14.05.49.png

Another thing. If you click on the "last" page you get no results. I was able to get on half of pages and then got the empty page.

All page titles are the same - BTS区块链浏览器

From usability point of view and as well from SEO a different titles are better.

screenshot 2018-01-26 at 14.11.57.png

How can a user navigate if all tabs are the same? 🤔

Would be nice to have a user orders and collateral listing as well.

screenshot 2018-01-26 at 14.16.39.png

Thanks! Hope to see more good news. 👍

Would be nice if you could hide the locale=en in user session or cookie.

Hi brother @abit
But the good is still not on the official page
Do the service BitShares blockchain / off the team
Excellent work

A new BitShares blockchain explorer launched yesterday.

Wow! This is good news. It'll serve as a useful tool to a lot of persons - me especially.

So, I can now check my bitshares wallet balance and track transactions easily without visiting the Bitshares main site.

Good job to the developers and thanks @abit for sharing this wonderful information.

Happy Steeming

Edit: I noticed the site defaults or uses the Chinese language as default language.

Non Chinese or English speakers can visit the site using this link to load it up in English.

Good job i followed you for your potential, keep steemin!!

Thats a great news!

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A 神。。。哈哈




懂中文不可踩你吗?你是可爱宝宝。没人会踩啦。 :-)

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It's very convenient to use. thanks for your good news.

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It sounds like it could be a valuable tool. Hopefully, ​there are more features in the future. Thanks for sharing the news, @abit! I now have something new to add to my list. I think I just like trying out new things when they come out its​ part of the fun of crypto!

love this quiet progrese tnx for sharing..

woohoo.. excellent. noop but got balance. yay.


hi abit....good news....Im going to follow you and you?

Many people are talking about this BitShares processor, I must admit that I never create an account on this page, I will have to see what it is about, thank you very much for the link and the information
I wish you a wonderful day. Dear friend @abit

Thank you very much for the information @abit.

Thanks for the information and useful. great job
Thanks @abit
100% like and resteem


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Hello sir @abit
Its Good news thanks

Dear i created a post for you hope you will enjoy it and dont mind it if u find it un apopriate

wow i resteemed and followed your post
i like your infermation dear

Amazing, i need to check the explorer out

Took a look and noticed exchange.btsbots hmmm

@abit thanks for upvoting my blog 3 days ago , it was a big surprise to me , i don't know where to say this to you would be better, but i want you know that ,you are so kind , thank you.



waaaaooww very great
its interesting.... <3

nice info...

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在哪下载浏览器呀, 我找半天没找到下载的呀。

thanks for the post, and sharing@abit


我纯粹是来看评论的😂 好多“天啊”“天啊”“天啊”。BTW,趁我还有点带宽,特来谢谢A神,给我们这些小虾米点赞。

@abit amazing post,follow and vote my article please ,thanks you

Hi @abit ... It's been a while since you posted. We've missed your presence in the community. Hope you're well?

excellent post.thanks

It does not open at all.