BitShares - On Boarding Resources - New idea of work expansion for the blockchain

4년 전

Bringing capable resources to work for the blockchain more easily

Through our activity on improving BitShares infrastructure, we have come across many capable and willing individuals that want to work. BitShares reserve pools are available to pay for work which improves the network or are being profitable towards the community. However, in order to work and get paid for BitShares, relies on quite a bit of bureaucracy. Previously a workaround was to offer 'bounty rewards', however, these mostly work for small, quick jobs like bug fixes.

Here we present the actual contract (with private info protected under NDA), whereby APAsia.Tech provides for a new collaboration - that can be recorded on the blockchain completely transparently - yet can apply the laws outside of the blockchain, enabling using resources of a newcomer without too much bureaucracy, protecting both interests of the blockchain, and the rights and privacy of the newcomer upon which the blockchain is founded upon.


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It seems you got a $39.8288 upvote from @onceuponatime at the last minute before the payout. (20.83h) and this comment is to make everyone aware.

Please follow @abusereports for additional reports of reward pool abuse. Thank you.

Good job Thank you all for everything that you have done and continue to do for bitshares. Over the last few months, no matter what day of the week it is, I see you all running at full speed for the betterment of the bitshares ecosystem. No one has exhibited the drive, determination, dedication, and professionalism like I've witnessed with Apasia Tech. I am beyond grateful and honored to have you all with us.


Many many thanks for this amazing comment full of appreciation and understanding towards our work. We are honored to be here.

Until next release ;)



Most delighted to read your comment, thank you so much. Of all things our business has done since starting out - being truly appreciated and blessed for our work is possibly our greatest success. Also honored to be here.

Since BTC correction BitShares nodes were lagging all the time. Nice to see more power coming in. 👍


We had to make step back and let others prove their concepts. After they did, we stepped back in to save the network once again. Thanks for support


Glad to see this. I know you and your team are making moves!

That being said, I am a bit lost as to how this is different than any other private company contracting with someone. Is your organization planning to submit larger value, bigger projects as WPs, and then improve upon a bounty program somehow?

Thanks for any clarification!


We plan to encourage people to contribute to the Graphene blockchain and its amazing product such as Bitshares. Even if it's open source, we have to consider it as a business and a product in order to reach higher position and more wide use globally. Being just a DEX or just an opportunity for other dApps to be built is not enough, as seen by now.

Since getting on board, assembling team, getting respect and visibility to just be able to submit a worker proposal is so painful and long process, we are trying to find and track valuable resources, even recognize if they are screaming out with passion to work and try over recognized AP Asia name to give them chance to build their own and include them in future worker proposals.

Legal paperwork there is ofc to protect business of Bitshares, our own and 3rd party in this story. Imagine if we would be giving random root access to servers to people over telegram or promising payments and terms for scope of work without contract... No thanks. Even Bitshares Foundation has its own contracts with their business associates across blockchain and registered paper business for Blockchain consulting.

So in business is normal to have written agreement between, we just made first legal agreement that is acceptable by court, but still happening over blockchain and writting its course on it.



goodjob. upvoted and resteemed

too long, i don't und

Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck