Ashe's top 3 tricks of Bittrex, how to work around their "basic" verification

4년 전

Ok, i've been using Bittrex for probably too long. That said, I've figured out some of their parameters for withdraw. Let's discuss them:

  1. Only send out 0.4 Bitcoins/day. Ok, this is kinda bullshit. They don't update this every day, so you gotta be rly conservative on this calculation. If bitcoin core is at $13,000 USD, I typically use $12,000 * 0.4 = $4800.

  2. TWO minute rule - they will FUCK you on this one, trust me. For some reason Bittrex doesn't like it when you log in with the sole intention to send coins out. If you log in and attempt to send coins out in <2 minutes...they will flag you and make you wait another 24 hours. Bastards.

  3. 24hr rule - Ok, this one is more bullshit. If you send your 0.4 btc worth of coins out at, let say, 6pm. Then you log in the next day and try to send your next batch of coins out at 5:30pm...they won't ask you to wait another 30 min...but instead another 24 hours! wtf?

Hope this helps. It's almost impossible to buy Steem at the moment, so I'm trying to help everyone figure this shit out. I hope that Bitshares gets more attention and we can peace out these centralized exchanges FOREVER!

In Liberty,

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well ashe-ore now bitshare can get more attention! your are creative mind who cover all steps with simply ways!thanks dear


thanks @addys. I appreciate you commenting and please follow me and keep commenting!


dear ashe-oro but i think do not deposit any money even 1 penny in bittrex. it is very risky and disable some one suddenly without any support. forgot bittrex , there are many exchanges to use


I follow you because the way you use is very simply and understandable! thanks you dear

Would you agree that within a industry of such bright people, most have some lessons to learn on some of the basic fundamentals of doing business?

I'm working on a solution.


@ash Upvoted/followed. Would you mind contacting Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart with bitshares at your earliest convenience? They have requested to speak with you. Emails:
I believe this is regarding several things. One most likely being their partnership with United Precious Metals Association to create quint and quintS, assets on bitshares pegged to the value of gold and silver AND fully redeemable in actual physical gold and silver. A bit of your time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


sure, thank you :) Contacting them now.


Great! I nearly lost my mind when I finally heard Peter talking warmly about blockchains and how stocks and derivatives could even be on them, then proceeded to say that bitshares would be a great name for it and that the .com was even for sale! Completely oblivious to bitshares and all of that being a reality right now. Ron Paul & Co and Peter need to be aware that an Austrian economics based alternative to the Fed Reserve and current financial system already exists. Anyhow, sorry for the rant. I'll be following Liberty Entrepreneurs regularly now. Good Luck and Godspeed, brotha!


thx man! I emailed both Stan and Michael. Can't wait to chat with them! Peter will come around. He's an old dog that's stuck in his ways. He'll eventually see the light. I'm sure of it. He's too smart not to.

No wonder why they delay my withdrawal 2 days ago .i just login to send some of my btc to luno app immediately.the transaction did not reflect until the next day.i nearly run mad.thanks for saving us from this ugly experience again.


yeah, they don't post this info anywhere...u just gotta figure it out.


ashe-oro; this is a good approach to use that site. your mind work like watch thank you

Great step you have provided specially for newbies in cryptocurrency trading Thank you for sharing valuable information about bittrex @ashe-oro


thanks @hidayat4u. I want it to be as easy as possible for everyone.


You are doing great job @ashe-ore keep sharing simple and easy methods like this

Let's just hope for a Binance listing. Will it be too much trouble for @blocktrades to start accepting fiat?

Hi, @ashe-oro . Hope youre well.
What do you know about WCX please ? Theyve been signing people up pre launch for ages and are currently 39 days to ico launch. Ive read the white paper but am still a little concerned at what i perceive to be a lack of transparency. In theory, their claims to reduce costs by 90% look great but there is a whilebefore theyre live. Do you have any more info than whats openly available please ?


hey Nathen, I don't know much about WCX. I don't hold any of their coins or plan to participate in their ICO.

yes i am facing same problem but i want to move to enhanced version but they failed my automatic verification and then asked me to fill the form for manual one but it`s been 8 days i dint get any reply from them.
is there anyway to approve the enhanced account?

Well, every time you see this kind of stealth restrictions and obstacles, it is a huge red flag. Trying to reduce someone's money flow away? I would asap start cashing out all I can while I still can if I would have anything in.

In these interesting times you need to start running first and ask questions later. While I don't have Bittrex account I do have Bitshares. I guess I choose well ;-)

Hey @ashe-oro , you have discussed tricks in the very concise manner, excited to start the bittrex now , just because of you..

@ashe-oro I tried to sign up on Bittrex few days ago when I need to transfer SBD to Bittrex but I couldn't able to get my account because registration is off for newbies. Well, your post helps me a lot and I make my mind to not to go Bittrex. Use Another one..

But I don't know much more about other wallets. Would you you like to suggest me? I'm going to follow you.

I already hate bittrex , you have given me more reasons to do so !

I think upcoin is gonna be great coz its fees is low and user friendly.

Ive had an account for over 4 Months but i have only recently tried to use the acct. I was n o t able to deposit any btc unless i verified who I was. Do you know if this is a new update? Ty