Decentralized 2019 Partnership - Worker Review

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Decentralized 2019: 30 Oct - 1 Nov in Athens, Greece. Powered by BitShares and the University of Nicosia

Organizing, sponsoring or partnering for events are all possible ways BitShares workers can receive backing to better promote the network. They are to be considered as corporate style marketing exercises aimed at increasing brand presence and reputation. BitShares had a successful minor sponsorship with speakers at last year's Decentralized event. Thus the Decentralized 2019 worker was created to make an even bigger impact this year and previously featured only briefly here on BitShares News.

Following is from the worker intent section of the full Worker proposal document on GitHub:

With so many events to choose from, why Decentralized?

Decentralized has become established as Europe’s premier conference on blockchain and digital currencies. The main organizer is the University of Nicosia. 'UNIC' also turns to be probably the leading academic institute in the world for blockchain and digital currency. See the below info-graphic from this page on their website. For instance they were the first ever university to offer a Master of Science in Digital Currency. 

Event Partner - Not just a sponsor

Most importantly a large portion of the approximate $200k USD (Maximum) total budget for Decentralized 2019 is actually towards partnership not just sponsorship, plus it even includes 12 months of IFF membership.  The budget is not simply for the event alone, as it includes a bundle  of items around it. As we'll see in the rest of this article, this  partnership consequently includes an almost year-round exposure across  all Decentralized event media and content.

Further late breaking information and updates before we move onto more details of this worker:

"... BitShares along with the University of Nicosia are presenting/offering this conference (the largest business-oriented blockchain conference in Europe and one of the biggest in the world) as co-organizers. Other sponsors include the government of Canada, Whizgrid, Eurobank, OByte, Consensys,, and others."    


"We have been approached by the film directors of banking on Bitcoin [NetFlix], they are producing a new 6 part documentary called the Search for Satoshi, [and] in talks with HBO, Netflix and Showtime, they have requested to film at Decentralized, so the exposure [could] be huge.." 

~ Above paraphrased from the manager of this worker - Alex Megalokonomos (@clockwork)

Decentralized 2019 Partnership - More Package Details

There more among the major branding on all event materials, several  speaking slots, a prime double booth and attendance of key BitShares  community members and aforementioned IFF membership. It's a dazzling  array of package items for Decentralized 2019 and you can view the full worker document for  the comprehensive list. We'll obviously have to wait for the actual  event for some items. Here's some of what the BitShares community can  look forwards to seeing before, during and after the event itself:

  • BitShares video as screen-saver on all stages between sessions
  • BitShares logo on name badges and lanyards
  • Paid production of a sponsor-dedicated event-video following the event
  • Private BitShares named meeting room at the conference
  • Video presentation/ad played during coffee breaks
  • Partner mention/thank you during opening/closing of conference
  • Inclusion of BitShares branded item/gift in the conference gift bag
  • Ability to pay University of Nicosia fees in BitShares or BTS stablecoins!

Below we have obtained some samples of the designs ready for the various  freebies or 'goodie bag' items for Decentralized 2019. All include the  BitShares logo:

Decentralized 2019 online and Twitter 

A tweet from the event organizers, you can also follow their Twitter account

Meanwhile the event homepage displays BitShares logo front and center:

September 10th - Check out the sponsorship graphics throughout this article on 

Online promotional flyers include the BitShares logo alongside UNIC under the words 'Powered by' (below for instance).

BitShares confirmed speakers at Decentralized 2019

Budget Matters

The Decentralized 2019 worker proposal was voted inactive for around 1 month. Thanks to the action of other core token holders it is active once again. However the consequence is still a reduction in the budget. The goal is to ensure BitShares still covers commitments made and retains all of the great value from exposure at Decentralized 2019.   An overview of the budget and details in trading and payments to the organizers can be found on the worker overview of the BitShares Blockchain Foundation. As of now, the first two installments of the partnership have been paid.   

Further to mention of the budgetary constraint the number of reimbursed attendees will likely shrink to less than the planned 25, and the promo gift made cheaper/smaller. The goal is to cut costs without sacrificing the value of the top exposure to be gained.  


This will be a great event for the BitShares community to look forwards to, especially the huge range of exposure and branding to a broad cross section of business and industry. If you believe this is a great opportunity for BitShares, please vote. Who else wants one of those goodie bags with a BitShares branded gift? Not to mention the amazing range of speakers lined up!  

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