๐Ÿ“ˆ [ANN] TWENTIX, The new index fund on BitShares

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Twentix & Bit20

As you all probably know, we have created Bit20 a couple of years ago. Bit20 is a crypto index fund that includes the top 20 blockchains projects by market cap. If you are not familiar with it, you can have a look at www.bittwenty.com.

Bit20 has grown immensely in value. The smallest unit (0.00001 BTWTY) is now worth several dollars and it keeps growing. It is sometimes a barrier to operate small trades and to run bots.
Twentix has been designed to be worth 1/100,000th of 1 BTWTY. It has been created to allow traders to play with a more flexible coin.


More good news ...

The other good news is TWENTIX market is fully operational!

If you've followed BIT20 market, you will have noticed that the black swan protection designed in BitShares has been triggered by a big BTS drop in price. Since then, the collateral doesn't reach the 175% required to allow traders to borrow BTWTY in existence and grow the supply. (We will have this option back when BTS will get back from its actual correction)

Bit20 fans and lovers, you can keep trading BTWTY as always but also TWENTIX if you want a smaller and more flexible coin. The fact that the "borrowing function" is available, you are free to short TWENTIX versus BTS just as you were shorting BTWTY. You just need to recall that TWENTIX is 100,000 smaller than BTWTY and to short 1 BTWTY, you would have to short 100,000 TWENTIX.

For more detailed information, visit our website www.twentix.info

See you soon on the markets ...

A little more visual information



BitShares Decentralised Exchange pair (TWENTIX : BTS)

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With appreciation, Blocktivity


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ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Sounds good. Iโ€™ll snap up some of these. I assume you can buy and hold them within a BTS wallet?

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

@grizgal yeah they're available on the BTS exchange

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Sounds good. Iโ€™ll take a look. Many thanks.

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Do you think that having an asymmetric fee system will distort the price action?

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Hoping someday i will learn how to use this bittwenty .

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

good for you follow now

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

This is why DEX is powerfull. While other companies like coinbase are announcing their index fund. Bit20 has offering to Bitshares users exposure to cryptocurrencies for a quite a time. Now offering twentix...nice move guys. I support your work.

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Very useful post. I'll need to browse more on "TWENTIX" and 'bit20' . THanks for sharing @blocktivity

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Great Job! The bit20 was a wonderful initiative but became really tough to trade since the exponencial increase in value of the top 20 cryptos....
At least a great value to be traded or to invest in at a much reasonable height!
Great Job at the team! And see you on the DEX!

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

The more people that get in on crypto index funds like these ones that you mentioned, the more the ecosystem grows and the more we shift into mass adoption

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
steemit all the way.
check out my new post.

ย  ยท ย 2๋…„ ์ „

Holders BTWTY, your active not fully backed BTS (reason: Black Swan) - exchange BTWTY on TWENTIX (1:100000). TWENTIX - fully backed in BTS.