๐Ÿ“ˆ Twentix - The cryptocurrency index fund [2018/04/21 - revision]

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On the 21st day of every month, Twentix runs an algorithm that creates its new composition. By this process, it always includes the most promising coins. Some coins appear in the index and others disappear. Some of them gain weight and other lose some of it. This new composition swap with the previous one without any disturbance of the index price.

We have run this operation yesterday. Here is the new composition of the Twentix Index Fund:


Next, a glance at the state of the market since its creation on the BitShares Decentralised Exchange


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BitShares Decentralised Exchange pair (TWENTIX : BTS)

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Looking forward to the next month!

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I don't see the difference between TWEENTIX and BIT TWENTY. Can you explain it ? Thank you.