DID YOU MISS STAN LIVE?? Check it out! This ain’t your daddy’s Bible Class!

2년 전

Stan’s Bible Lecture:Three Days and Three Nights?

🖖 Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis presents:

Check it out! This ain’t your daddy’s Bible Class!

Be sure to watch more of Stan at https://www.bluerocktalk.com/ Speak directly to him on the site!
Watch his appearances are as he takes on the Bishop James Long on
Blue Rockers Round Table: Protestant vs Catholicism https://www.crowdcast.io/bluerocktalk

Stan leaves us in a few weeks. Maybe a Hiatus, maybe forever from Blue Rock Talk.

Please show him your love, he is very special and is a true teacher and messenger from the Man above!

Stan teaches his college level Bible Class every Sunday at his local church in VA.,
then teaches it again to Blue Rockers here on Blue Rock Talk on select Sundays at 2pm Eastern.

Thank you for participating in our live shows!

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