Arise is Dead | Directly From The Godfather of Bitshares | Thoughts on Stan Larimer

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"AriseBank is Dead"


From Stan Larimer:

"Arise is dead. With no chance to demonstrate whether they could or could not deliver. Now supporters will have to sit out from participating in the industry for years waiting to get their money back."

Earlier today Stan posted an article, and It made me sad. He started his article off with this quote

"Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces." -Jesus Christ

But this is what really made me sad.


Stan included a header titled "A few parting thoughts" and later said

"I'm giving up on interacting with the crypto industry forums and returning to private life.. "

I know AriseBank being shutdown by the government has hurt investors, and many people are angry. I want to point out that it is not Stans fault, he truly believed that they could accomplish what they were aiming for. Investors should always do their own reasearch. No one should be blaming Stan for anything.

Why he may be stepping away


Later in the article is where he actually starts talking about Arise and where I believe his decision has stemmed from.

"On that brave little team of entrepreneurs at Arise. I'm quite appalled at the treatment of them by the community and others. I'm shocked at the current feeding frenzy that was, and is, being so carefully engineered during the single month that I was trying to get to know them."

I completely understand why he would want to step away. This past month has been pretty crazy and there has been many accusations thrown around and lots of backlash from the AriseBank situation. People are brutal in the cryptosphere and emotions run high.

Laying It Down

"On Endorsements. Some have claimed that I endorsed Arise. This is false. I never endorse anybody. But, I did try to defend them from unfair attacks - mostly by rebuking and shaming the attackers."

"The following actions do not constitute endorsements:

  • Defending someone from unfair attacks.
  • Saying I like someone's Vision and that it sounds good for BitShares.
  • Opining that someone appears to have the resources, ability, and intent to deliver.
  • Investigating possible ways to work together for the benefit of all. "

"On Partnerships. The word "partners" has many meanings. I use it all the time to talk about people building on top of the BitShares ecosystem."


Stan the Godfather of Bitshares believed in Arise. People may have been swayed towards Arise because he believed, but ultimately it's the investors decision to invest, not to invest, or believe in a project.

Arise is dead.
We can't go back.
All we can do is move forward.

Here is a link to Stans article.
I recommend reading it. He had a lot to say, and I left out a good amount of information in my article.

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Have a great day, and Steem on.

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Jared's history was a red flag and made this project high risk.
Jared's some of his statements come out as not true, which gives you another red flag.

In these cruel days, when you have to be extra careful, one red flag is enough for me.

Yeah, time to move forward. I hope we have all learned something from it.

( don't know the author, but someone once said, smart people learn from their mistakes, but really smart and wise people are learning from other's people mistakes)


All true. Thanks for your nice response! Was expecting to catch some heat from angry people.

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Assuming @Stan really is truly well-intentioned in what he's doing, he desperately needs to either learn to recognise such scams as scams himself, or find some advisor to do that for him, before he effectively promotes them. And also to realise that the enemy here is not the government, but his own credulity (and the scammers who fooled him, and if you can believe their own claim, fooled investors out of $600 million, in no small part thanks to his help in promoting them).

AriseBank was never ever going to deliver - their website + press releases were full of false claims everywhere you looked - and if they truly fooled him into being a true believer, he needs to either learn to not be so easily fooled, or else it's maybe a good thing for him to step away from the space (though it looks like that's not what he's doing).