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Introducing PalmPay

PalmPay is a Point Of Sale system that ANY business can use. Utilizing PalmPay, any business will be able to accept cryptocurrency via instant mobile payments.



Business Benefits

PalmPay is creating a huge incentive for businesses to use their product.

PalmPay is offering their service at zero cost.
There is zero setup fees and zero transaction fees for the merchant.
Only the customer will have to pay a small 0.5 % transaction fee.

That's not all, they also offer simplified accounting and tax reporting using eReceipts, and advanced Export features. Customers will also have eReceipts sent directly to their smartphones.

You might be thinking...

"Why would a business want to accept volatile cryptocurrency as a payment?"

PalmPay instantly converts Crypto into your stable, local currency in digital form.

PalmPay accomplishes this by using Smartcoins pegged 1:1 with their underlying asset. This is all setup to happen in the background so merchants don't have to worry about a thing.

If your still not convinced, the icing on the cake is Unlimited Free Support from PalmPay ambassadors.

How this is all possible

Bitshares is the worlds fastest blockchain and the most used Decentralized Exchange. PalmPay is built on top of the Bitshares blockchain.

By utilizing Bitshares, PalmPay will be able to instantly secure any transaction. They combat the volatility using Bitshares pegged 1:1 assets. These can include bitEUR, bitUSD, bitCAD, bitJPY, bitKRW, bitRUB or even bitGold and bitSilver.



Getting Started

Anyone can access PalmPay through the Google Play store.
All you need is WiFi and an android device!
First: download the app from Google Play.
Next: open up a carbon wallet and contact an ambassador.
Once completed, your business will be able to accept any digital currency as payment!

PalmPay: Faster And Safer Than Cash

For more information on PalmPay visit
You can join the Agorise Telegram Channel Here
You can follow Agorise on Twitter Here

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Yes, I'm excited. It would be wonderful to be able to spend crypto directly from the wallet, without having to transfer to fiat. Love the incentives for businesses to use their product too!


Yes! I think so too.

well done chasegapo, once again!


Thank you sir!

This is going to be...yuuuuuuuuuge!


I sure hope so

what a good friend insurance is modern and innovative for companies and business and is a tool of help for us users

hi, does it comes with a hardware ? how it swipes the cards ? thx for your help.