Earn 1000 BTS by Starting a Blockchain Meetup Group in your City!

4년 전

Thanks to @Agorise and kenCode, you can now earn 1000 BTS (about $800) for starting a local Meetup group in your city. See below for the rules and how to participate.

GIVEAWAY: Start a Meetup group in your city!



  1. Your new group name must be cryptocurrency-related ("Crypto Chicago" or "Blockchain Bangkok" for example).
  2. DON'T start a Meetup group in your city if it's redundant to an existing one there.
  3. Your first Meetup must be titled "Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies 101"
  4. Be sure to set related "Topics" (tags/categories) to your group such as BitShares, steem, steemit, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, etc so that your group can be found easier in search results.
  5. Invite as many people as possible (mainstream media, social media, etc).
  6. Get at least 8 people to physically attend your Meetup (your Meetup group's page will show the profiles of attendees) before the Deadline below.
  7. Only one reward per person per city per Meetup group is allowed, and cities must be at least 100km apart.
  8. Proof link/url must be posted in the @Agorise telegram group (t.me/Agorise).

It's wise to choose a QUIET, centrally-located, free-WiFi-enabled coffee shop or restaurant for your first Meetup. Greet everyone who attends, and thank them for coming.

Agorise will send you 1000 BTS (AN $800 VALUE!).

Offer ends Monday, January 22 at 1300 UTC. Rewards will be sent out this day.

Note: 20 Meetup groups maximum (a maximum of 20,000 BTS will be sent out) in this giveaway.
fyi, the next payout won't be this big, so setup your Meetup groups today!

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