Why Bitshares?

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For me, Bitshares is the only blockchain that can process realworld financial transactions with the use of asset creation on it's platform. Even small business start-up can tokenize their business in just a day with Bitshares platform. Moving their business into the blockchain can be so easy. Let's say for example Spark, their bold move into moving their remittance business into the Bitshares platform only shows how powerful Bitshares can be. This is all because of Bitshares is the only asset that can create market pegged assets such as U.S. Dollar and such alike. It's not just imitating the dollar but also tracks it's price on the market. Also Bitshares is a decentralized platform, that every changes is voted by investors because we all know what's best for our money.

Even with so many high-valued blockchains out there, I'd still choose Bitshares over them. Because Bitshares is the only platform that can reach the top 10 when it goes mainstream. Even a kid knows that investing in Bitshares can give you enough profit for a life time when it reaches the top 10 in crypto market. We are all here to invest anyway, so that we could achieve our dream one day.

Now that markets correction is about to end, it's time to chose where to put your money. On a high valued coin or on a undervalued asset that can soon reach $2 or more before July. Remember, Bitshares has higher growth that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple last year. It's still have so much room for growth. I'll stay on Bitshares platform because I know that someday my dream will be a reality.

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Bitshares is the most undervalued blockchain in Crypto. I also have the feeling that it will be a good year for BTS.

Greatly agree !
Bitshares is the most powerful and stable blockchain !
World will recognize that BTS is right answer.