Sendy 2.0 Video Demo by Bitspark

3년 전

Sendy 2.0 will be the mobile app for Bitspark remittance platform. By topping-up your account with Bitshares, bitUSD, Zephyr. You will be able to send FIAT currencies to everyone with and without a Sendy app. With this app you will be able to send money to anyone across the globe. As of now, I believe it's only available in 6 countries for BETA testing before adding more.

Cashing out will never be the same. Faster, secure, and transparent. Here's a video of Sendy 2.0 for you guys.

Bitspark and Bitshares will revolutionize how crypto can change how money remittances will work. I hope you guys don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of Bitshares and Zephyr while they are cheap.

Bitshares is currently trading at $0.207 at Bitshares DEX. Bitshares managed to reach the price of $0.93 per Bitshares back in December. Right now it's currently trading at -80% discount.


Zephyr on the other hand manage to reach $0.14 even without Sendy 2.0 back then.



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