BitShares now in top 6 Weiss Ratings! 🥂 (Steem at #1!)

5년 전

As of the February update the BitShares Weiss Rating has gone up from a C- to a B-, now being in the top 6 highest graded cryptocurrencies as ajudged by Weiss Ratings. A great acknowledgement towards the BitShares blockchain! Now personally I am not the biggest fan when it comes to Weiss Ratings...and take it with a grain of salt applied. But... when it involves the chance of bringing in any new candidates and eyes onto BitShares itself, than this is some great news!

Top 6:

1, B+ = Steem

2, B = Cardano

3-6, B- = EOS, NEO, ETH, BTS

*full list can be found here:

It's good to see my 3 favourite ones on the list. Can you guess which they are ;)?

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I had never heard of Weiss Rating until recently, however, I personally think they have nailed it when it comes to the top ranked platforms. My bet is EOS takes top spot come June when it is fully released. Steem deserves the #1 spot right now and i'm excited that it has been recognized as the leader. Wait a minute, the top 6 didn't include Bitcoin?! Not that shocking really.


EOS already is #1 in my mind ^^ BitShares a close 2nd, hmm guess that doesn't leave much room for my "3 favourite ones list" :P


Right?! It's been only recently that I've concluded Bitshares, Steem, and ultimately EOS are in an entirely different bracket than all other platforms. Speed and self-governance make these huge winners. Free transactions will allow Steem and EOS to dominate. Do you plan to post updates on the Weiss Ratings?


Probably not regularly, but if I see something interesting like this milestone of BTS going from a C- to a B-, than yes :)

Would put BTS on second just because the dex is already functioning and ada is not, eos might take the number 1 spot in june, altho steem has so much potential with its SMTs.

Steem, Cardano and EOS


And no BitShares ;o?

Incredible post, bitcoin is without a doubt going to shoot up soon, cryptographic money is what's to come! As I would see it the main reason it is unstable right now is on account of individuals are as yet finding out about it and don't know what it precisely is, incorporating individuals in high places, yet it beyond any doubt will shoot up and more individuals will join!

i think your favorites are: Steemit; Bitshares and Cardano. Do i miss it?


Almost ;) EOS, BitShares, Steem (the holy trinity ;p)

Thanks for the update from Weiss! Please remember to do your own homework regarding where to put your money. Do not anyone decide for you as they do not have an interest in anyone but themselves. We need to leverage each others knowledge in this community to make the best choices when investing in this asset class.

They should make it gold backed, like in Cryptonomicon. Since they are supported by Pirate Party, I don't think getting gold will be a problem :)

Thank you Sir for this post

Holy Steem #1. Thats a huge news mate

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I honestly can not understand these Weiss ratings? Also they did not really disclose on what basis they are rating these currencies.

I mean Dogecoin and Monero both have C rating? Looks to me like this list is a whole lot of bullshit.