@KenCode Interview About "PalmPay" Merchant Payments App by @Agorise LTD on the BitShares Network

3년 전

Join us with @KenCode to learn about PalmPay, the Payment platform on the Bitshares Network. Finally, it will be easy to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency, confirmed in 3 seconds, thanks to the super-fast Bitshares Blockchain. The only thing merchants need to do is download the PalmPay app!

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Those are the new Flyers that can be passed out at local businesses. Feel free to make a copy and edit/translate them..

Be sure to join us in the Telegram chat for questions and support:

Crypto is finally going mainstream! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.


I should get this for the Bitcoin Express Airport shuttle service! Use your crypto on your vacation to Denver!


That would be sweet dude!!

Great interview here. I hope you'll stay in touch with this team they have a lot of support.

Wow! I love this development on bitshares
Hope you don't mind to chat on discord?
I really need to learn more of this
Thumbs up


Group discussion is on telegram at: https://t.me/Agorise

Cryptposwags another great video guys i will check this app thanks for info



Congrats, you won the giveaway @onlineguru78 (:


yeah thanks thanks thanks guys you are awesome (:

Sounds very cool. Palmpay is a game changer. It would be great to be an ambassador but he really didn't give you a straight answer how to collect on the percentage. He just mentioned having meets up etc... I though that was odd. I don't see any mention on the website of ambassadors. Also if its an App that anyone can download and use who is getting paid for random people that find it online and start using it. Seems like someone is going to get very rich if this thing catches on.


You don't have to collect, as you stated. Cities that have Ambassadors are listed on the settings screen in the PalmPay app so all the merchant has to do is to select their city, and if a PalmPay Amb resides in/near that city then that Amb now gets paid (from the code/blockchain itself) every 3 seconds from the transactions at that merchant (grocery chains, gas stations, hotels, delivery drivers, cafes and bars, etc). So, the more merchants that select your city, the more the Amb(s) in that city can make.

It seems a lot smarter to let the chain itself pay you for supporting and promoting crypto, rather than rely on a human to pay you.

To become an Amb for your city, just join us in the Agorise telegram group at:

The website mentions Ambs as well:

PalmPay is free for merchants, the producers in the world. The 0.5% fee is charged to the consumer. 0.2 of that fee goes to Agorise to further development and expand the number of cities that are on-board (43 cities so far and we just launched the app last night). The other 0.3 of the transaction fee goes to the Amb(s) in that city who are out there helping merchants and holding monthly meetups to teach crypto.

Most companies blow a bunch of money on marketing and then disappear in a couple years (or less). Our approach is to let the Ambs get paid directly from the code whether Agorise exists or not.

This is a grass roots effort.


Great thanks for the info!

  ·  3년 전

BTS future. glad to be with you in the team!