Cryptocurrency As A Means to Serve Humanity, Not the Other Way Around..

4년 전

In 2015 I first got a little heavy into crypto because of ETH, I used to be an ETH head and was very active in reddit and the DAO forums.

I was eventually turned off due to discussions of smart contracts controlling every part of people's lives.

Discussions like charging people fees out of every electronic thing that humans can make.

Like door knobs not opening if you don't pay gas, or microwaves not heating food unless you pay it, etc.

It painted a dystopic world for me similar to the world in Terminator where AI controls everything in people's lives.

But then I got exposed to Bitshares, then I knew things were different here.

I resonated with Dan's message of protecting life, liberty and right of property to mankind through crypto, and I was hooked.

I hodl'd through the years (years in crypto is like decades in ordinary time) despite the frustration that sometimes comes from seeing everything go up except for bitshares lol.

Just a few minutes ago, Michael Taggart (co-founder of the BillionHeroCampaign along with Cryptonomex' Stan Larimer) invited several people in the BTS Traders Telegram chat to preview the BiliionHero website they've been working on for some time now.

I checked the video out and was impressed with the mechanics so far. It was clean, simple, easy to understand enough that ordinary, mainstream people can appreciate and use. And most importantly, it shows, that what Stan Larimer has been talking about since May, is beginning to get real. For people who don't know about the BillionHeroChallenge, please search and visit .

The BillionHeroChallenge campaign is a game designed to teach people about cryptocurrency while using a game to compete in fund raising for your favorite cause or charity.

So now after seeing Michael's short video of how things are gonna work with the BillionHero game, I am convinced more than ever that I chose the right path to support bitshares. It might have been a bumpy few years but it's all worth it because I saw that in Bitshares and Hero, cryptocurrency can really be used to serve humanity and not the other way around.

For more info about the video I am referring to, please contact Michael Taggart through the Bitshares Telegram channel:

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Aaaand BTS just jumped 30%


yaaaas haha

Thanks man, we have been working hard on this!


Thanks for all you and @stan 's hardwork Michael! You guys are HEROes in my book!

Yes I too had ETH and thought it was the bees knees and then came across Bitshares through Michael :)

I'm glad to hear this. Bitshares has held my interest since hearing about it. I just started using some of my Steemit earnings to invest in it (meta as I'm earning money to buy Bitshares on a platform built on... Bitshares technology).

Thanks for sharing!

I think I heard something about this on a Beyond Bitcoin hangouts call not that long ago, good to hear it's coming along! I'll check out the video and telegram channel too, thanks for the update. :)

Thanks man, we have been working hard on this!

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