Bitshares, Vote For The Good Guys!

3년 전

Most people don't realize the importance of voting on the Bitshares system, or it would not be in the state it is today.


There are people who provide services for the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX) users that are driven by profits and have committed immoral, wrong and criminal activities to usurp DEX users and part them of their assets, through constantly changing fees, making them vote for who they want and general recklessness, all associated with OpenLedger, a service that cost many users a lot of their money for being hacked in a very basic way and the carelessness towards the affected users.

According to a group of people who always supported Bitshares, with their time, money and patience, taking loss after loss to make the system better, with the intent of creating a useful system for the World to use, taking the 'profits come after the hard work' attitude, of which Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart are a part, there are very serious wrongdoings from the bad actors' part, that will be revealed shortly.

Stan, sitting, and Michael talking about the awesome Quintric project

These bad actors are truly wicked, going to the extent of saying Michael Taggart changed names for some shady business and that Stan Larimer is a Mafia thug, it turns out Michael changed his name because of being adopted and Stan teaches college-level Bible analysis.
They also went out of their way to heavily criticise Jared Rice Sr. and anyone supporting him on his recent activities on his project Bench:
associating his work with the troubles he went through in the Arise project, even though the Arise project is involved in a public court case on which many accusations against Jared have already been dropped out by the court, and even if it turns out Jared did indeed have some responsibility on the projects misdemeanours, his new Bench project is being funded by himself with his own work, "for free", and will shortly be released for the benefit of everyone, featuring a decentralised Web system, an open OS that makes it seamless for anyone to create dapps and monetize their work and even an inter-blockchain technology that makes a smart contract that works on different blockchains at the same time possible, all for free!

As of now, anyone interested in Bitshares must help the true lovers of Bitshares regain some control to prevent all these bad artists from destroying the whole thing.

Please set up your vote to MichaelX, its very simple, just click the voting tab:
Screenshot (64).png

Type in michaelx in the text bar, and click save, do it on the witnesses bar and its done!

Screenshot (65).png

Bisthares needs the good guys!


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I generally agree with what you are saying but the logic seems wrong, let me explain that, you post goes something like this

OL is bad and OL attacks michael > michael is good

now, i am not saying michael is bad or that you shouldnt vote for him, by all means do so if you want to, its just that you are kinda focusing on what others are doing agaisnt him, instead of the good things he is doing (like quint)


There are people looking for profit vs people actually building things is the whole point


My god you are naive


You are very soon going to find out who is "naive" :-)


Is that a promise or a threat?


It is a statement of my belief :-)

Informative post .
Thanks for your information .

I agree with you .

Thanks for sharing @grandslam

Upvote you ..

Unfortunately, im a victim of open ledgers hack, it is horrible, im speechless..