I'm pretty proud of this prediction - and what we can learn from it

4년 전

On March 29th I made the conclusion that the 2.5 years long downtrend of BTS had ended. Look at where the pointer is. Amazing, isn't it. I'm pretty proud :-)

As a proof here's my article about it. It looks like there is no sure sign of any change back then, but there was. It just wasn't very apparent.

Of course the foundation was that the Bitshares community hadn't lost faith. There was lots of work going on behind the scenes. But the thing that stood out back then was that the price seemed to have increased organically. The lower limit (in terms of USD of course) had started to gradually rise. It was very subtle, but it had been going on for several weeks, which it hadn't done for over half a year. Together with other factors I reasoned that an substantial increase in price was due. However, I never predicted the magnitude. I was hoping for a long and slow growth. I could have been completely wrong as well, since these markets seem to be nearly completely irrational.

The thing I think one can learn from this is that Bitshares is experiencing real, organic growth. This isn't just a random pump. That should give holders confidence. Future developments will surely increase the momentum:

  1. Bitshares hasn't seen almost any marketing for years, but the community is going to do something about it
  2. Development has resumed, which should make the project look more active and promising, and make Bitshares a more enjoyable and reliable experience
  3. Other prominent blockchains are experiencing scaling problems
  4. The HERO competition by @stan will bring Bitshares to normal people
  5. The development of Blockpay and the mobile multicurrency wallet has resumed. Once ready, they will greatly enhance and increase the usability of Bitshares.
  6. Decentralised governance is starting to work better. Check out the Bitshares Open Source Hangouts
  7. Whaleshares will boost positive development
  8. There seems to be a lot of interest from Asia. No idea though what's going on there.
  9. Ronny is relentlessly pouring money and effort into Bitshares via Openledger, Obits and related projects.
  10. Hundreds of other positive things going on. See the weekly report by @steempower

Now have a look at that chart again, and notice that after the recent dump we are closer to a more natural growth curve. Lets HOLD.

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All things come to he who waits. Look for $10 BTS this year

When do they foresee having the multi-exchange wallet ready?

I hope your prediction go true !

Your upvote has made my day.

Here is a preview of one I have just completed.
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what do you think about it? You know about it? Know about the owners? Does it remind you anything similar in the past?

great info my bro i learn lot of thing from you post

Thanx for your work. Highly appreciated.

Ya right i hold bts for some long time

  ·  4년 전

Hi brother
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I have no idea what BitShares is. Looks like I should read up on it to see what it's all about.

you should post more often man!


I would, but my predictions are usually wrong or alternatively 3 years too early :-)

Hm... I am actually uncertain what this technology is. I kept hearing this, but I am actually curious and look forward to see how bitshares will be available to normal people

ps: Thank you so much for your upvote!

good prediction @idealist, it seem June-July was a good month for ICOs but a bad one for cryptocurrencies!

Thanksss for sharing my friend

great post thanks

I get late into the game, but I hope I will catch up :)

Good to see your prediction is right best of luck for future.

your upvote made my apologize post to have more earnings than the original post!o_o xD
I see you don't post so much, are you only curating now?=)


It was my voting bot. I auto-vote for people with little STEEM, average reputation, and not many upvotes. I like to post, but have not much time. I like to write properly rather than spam everyone with my thoughts. Quality posts and original thinking is what I want to see on Steem, and the rest should be left to family telegram groups. That's why I rarely post. Also if you want to earn by posting, you should be available and actively respond to people. That's what get's you a following and hence a good payout. If you are capable of that, then you can post often.

Have a nice day!


I check my replies several times in the day to answer all the comments :) I hope I am doing well n.n

Good Post 👍👍👍

Thanks for your courage and wise investment and sharing with the Steemit community.

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