Another exchange is about to support bitCNY as base currency

2년 전 is about to support bitCNY as base currency on the exchange, following cointiger thinkbit and rightbtc. Besides, bitCNY can also be purchased from and, through bitCNY/CNC and bitCNY/QC trading pair.


Since the price feeding reform, we can see that bitCNY has been pegged to RMB very well, the swing range has been reduced to +- 0.5% from previous +-10%. Thus it can be expected that more and more exchanges will choose bitCNY/bitUSD as stable coin.

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Wow. This is great news!

bitCNY is a really underrated token.


It'd be great if they offered the ability to borrow bitCNY using BTS on their website, rather than simply add bitCNY.


Yep, a pair with BTS too would be ideal.


Great idea, then people will have more interest to keep their BTS in centralized exchanges.

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